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Your new shape


A little of everything!
No!!! Me too!!! I've been sitting here wondering if anyone will notice my weight loss at the wedding on Saturday- despite me being a 12/14 instead of a 16/18?!?! It's a head-fu*k! :confused::pLOL!
I'll let you know btw...;)
i feel exactly like this. i was a 16/18 now im a 12/14 and i just cannot see a difference in myself.

maybe after another few stone tho :rolleyes:
LOL, you're definitely not the only one. I can't stop looking in the full length mirror in work bathroom, and being surprised at being so much slimmer.

However, I feel like I've got no sense of how to dress for my new shape/size - after so long just wearing things because they were my size. Differnt things will suit me, things i'd never dare/bother to look at when i was 19.5 stone and size 24. So, when I get smaller and smaller I'm going to do things like go to Debenhams personal shopping service for free advice.

am also finding more enjoyjment in shopping trips - now i can fit into more clothes at more shops i feel like asking people for their advice on what to wear, as i get that bit less self conscious of my size. Slow journey but we'll get there :)
that's true scrivo.

my colleagues who see me every day have not said a word to me about the fact that i've lost all this weight since i joined the company. my friends and family i barely see so they always comment on it!

seeing friends soon who have no idea i've even been on a diet and i can't wait for them to comment!!


I *will* be skinny again!
Haha! I caught myself in the mirrors on the stairs from the tubes....and couldn't believe it was me! I was like....wow...she looks similar to me....then I almost fell down the stairs cause I realized it WAS me!


Positivity is the key
I wonder if part of it is our brain is so used to seeing us one way and we are so often critical of ourselves, our brain keeps that criticism. When we start really looking at ourselves and appreciating the changes we see and admiring them, then our brain plays a kind of catch up game and finally we can see how we truly look and not see the negative image of ourselves. Perhaps this is too out there for a Wednesday afternoon ?
no one could fail to see a 65lb loss - don't know what your green-eyed colleagues are gaining by ignoring such a fantastic achievement.

Enjoy the changes everyone, we have worked hard for them and damned if we let someone else take the pleasure away.
Off my soapbox for now.
Take care.


I will be skinny again!!!
Lol Deli!

Yup I feel exactly the same!! xxxx


Here we go again!
It's such a great feeling to catch a glimpse of yourself and not recognise yourself. It took me about 3 stones gone before I could see the difference. I can definitely see it now though, cos when I turn sideways and look in the mirror there's not a lot left to see now! I really don't think I should lose much more, so glad I'm refeeding this weekend and not trying to lose anymore.
congratulations on your losses ladies!!!
I looked in the mirror at the weekend and really couldn't see a difference despite losing 3 stone in total so far. I know I am shrinking as it really shows in my clothes, plus a mum at the school asked me if I had lost LOADS of weight so I guess it must be noticable.......I think it takes a while for the head to catch on to the weight loss!!
lol im the same i dont see a huge difference in person but when i compare witth pics i do lol


I will be skinny again!!!
I know I wish Id taken some proper before pics!!

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