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Your partner's opinion on the diet ?


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I just wondered what your other halves thought of the diet...

Are they supportive?

Are they sick of hearing you talking about it (or moaning about it)?

Do they think it is safe to follow?

I've read plenty about what your friends and work colleagues have had to say and I'm interested in your partner's views...

My hubby...

I came across this site while browsing on the web and after reading about all the diets I ws blown away by the weight loss and comments on CD.

I decided to have a go and at first I think my partner was sceptical as I have been on so many diets and failed!
He also thought I would go and pay out cash for meal replacement packs that I wouldn't use after a couple of days.

I can't blame him for this as I have joined every slimming club going (over and over again).
He was also worried about the VLC but I then went onto the CD site and showed him the scientific findings (which made him feel better).
At this point I think he thought it was too good to be true.

Anyway...4 weeks in and he has been fantastic!!!
He helped me through the first few days, been excited as I weighed in every week, taken over the cooking each evening so I can have a hot bath while the family eat, and listened to me while I talk about the diet (a lot I'm afraid!).

So...that's me - how about you?
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My hubby thinks I'm insane!! :silly:
He didn't think it was particularly safe to just 'give up food' altogether but as i reminded him its hardly safe for me to be stuffing my face full of cr*p all day everyday either! I think he's finding it difficult me losing weight - because he does have a bit of his own weight to lose - but he just loves his food too much.
I'm hoping his insecurities about himself won't surface again now i'm becoming more confident.


Is determined!
My hubby is being great! Very supportive. I think if i got to goal and then decided to carry on losing weight then he would have a problem. But as i am obviously overweight, and he has seen me struggle on other diets he is fine, and trusts that i know what i'm doing :)


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Slim, my husband had the same misgivings as yours... was NOT impressed when I first mentioned it. But he saw that I was serious and that I was sticking to it and also how much better I was feeling almost from day one, and he has been very supportive ever since. And now that I am getting closer to goal he is very happy for me! I guess he can see it has worked for me in all kinds of ways... and that HAS to be good.
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My hubby hates the idea of me doing cd:(. He thinks i should loose weight with normal eating and exercise ( yeh i dont know what world he lives in) and he has not been supportive at all. Last week he said he was fed up of it because i was un-social, moody, because of the diet. Just because i didnt want to go to a relatives due to them offering me food he was very offended. But i must say apart from that time he does not normally say much about it, he pretends he doesnt know!
However that means i am still left to do all the cooking etc etc

Saying that, i am very rebelious! i dont care! i just want to be selfish and do what i want to do! no one knows how you feel in the body you are in:(

p.s i must admit with his support the diet would be much easier:(


Wants to be slim!
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Suki, you have our support :)

We know how you feel, what you are going through and how good weight loss feels...stay strong and talk to us when you need to...we are here for you xxx
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My hubby has been really supportive, he knows how much it means to me. he's been on the receiving end of the break downs and tears when trying to shop for clothes.

At first he was worried about the implications of cutting out food altogether as well as the costs involved, however now after reading the CD site and seeing how much happier I am in myself, he is all for it. (he also keeps squeezing my bum lol which i will take as a good sign hee hee)

He's been a legend.
We dont have children(yet) so there is only his food to prepare but he's been fab, he will offer to do it himself 90% of the time, which helps no end.



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My hubby is normally quite good, he gets a little huffy sometimes that we aren't going out for meals a couple of times a week anymore but is coping with it and contents himself with going out himself and getting his pizza or kebab! He also says there is nothing on me and i dont need to lose weight, which is lovely but he also said that to me a stone and a half ago!! :confused:


Stubborn tortoise
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Sleepy, there IS nothing of you!!! You're at goal, I just noticed... how does that feel? Well done honey, you are a star!!!!
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;) morning ladies, got a day off work today and weigh in tonight so gotta be good!
Suki - I lost 3 stone over about 10 months last year through exercising and trying to monitor my portion sizes. I was quite happy with this and agree with your hubby that this is a better way to loose weight because it involves a life style change that you can hopefully stick to. BUT I had a really bad time at work towards the end of last year and just couldn't get to the gym and found I was slipping into my bad eating habits again because I didn't have time to prepare proper meals. I put a stone back on and was gutted! This is when I decided to try CD to give me a boost and get back to where I was. My hubby is not particularly supportive about CD, he is a fittness fanatic and would prefer me to go to the gym 7 days a week instead! But us ladies know that this is just not practical when you are a working mum with a demanding job and home to run! At the end of the day most diets work, some help you to loose weight quicker than others but its all about your own resolve and determination. I'm not into facebook etc but think this forum is a great way of motivating each other and finding people that are going through the same stuff you are. Together we CAN do this!


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My hubby is actually very supportive and just wants me to be happy. I do miss the social side of sitting down having a meal with my Hubby. I have decided I am going to have a few days of SS+ over the next few days. Days like St. Patrick's Day & Easter Sunday.


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When it was mentioned to my OH last year, he was against it straight away and told me not to even think about doing it. I stayed quiet then after a couple of weeks he was coming down the stairs saying "you know that diet you were talking about? i think we should do it!"

So ofcourse i was jumping round like a lunatic... So last year he lost 4 stone and i lost 3 stone...

I have put 1st5lbs back on since August... Anyway, when he came home last night I said i was gonna start up again cos i've got loads of sachets left (worked out last night i've got 2 weeks worth)...

He said it was a quick fix, but i said to him look i hate exercise and when i try to healthy eat i just end up bingeing... so this is what works for me and i want him to be supportive...

He said ofcourse he would be supportive... so we have decided we will see how i get on after 2 the 2 weeks of sachets, cos i've still got loads of slimfast stuff too and he has decided he is gonna exercise on our crosstrainer and bike...

sorry for the long thread but i really thought he wasn't gonna support me, and seems to have changed his opinion of cd by saying its a quick fix, but at the end of the day i like immediate results...
  • Are they supportive?

    Yes - although when i did it first time around in august he wasnt sure but i know he was concerned for my health. But when he was seeing the results - my confidense rise and our personal life got so much better ;) He was all for it.

    He encouraged me this time around to do it again as I puit on weight looking after him while he had his operation.
  • Are they sick of hearing you talking about it (or moaning about it)?

    Nah bless him he lets it in one ear and out the other.
  • Do they think it is safe to follow?

    He doesnt know the ins and outs of it but he trusts my judgement.
  • I've read plenty about what your friends and work colleagues have had to say and I'm interested in your partner's views...

    Hes honestly happy as long as i am.


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Although my spouse claims to be supportive, I've had a lot of problems with other people in the house (spouse or kid) trying to get me to agree to go out to dinner all the time. It's very frustrating. There haven't been any arguments about cost, which is good, but the little bits of sabotage are becoming very frustrating.

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My hubby was quite sceptical when I mentioned to him that I wanted to started on CD, but when I stopped breastfeeding, I went and started... a week later, my hubby started the diet as well :)
He's less than me to lose, so he'll finish before me, but it's nice to be doing this together...
Last weekend we had a party for our baby's 1st birthday... it was nice not to be the only one "suffering" at the sight (and smell) of food...

PS. Suki, I'm sorry your hubby isn't being supportive...
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My bf is fine with it - but he gets pissed off coz we can no longer order in dominoes and go out for meals. Plus i get real cranky when im craving food too which pisses him off!


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Suki, I'm sorry that your husband isn't supportive about your diet. You are so well informed about it and have helped me a lot. We all know that the 'sensible' way to lose weight is to eat less and to excercise more and we also know that that hasn't worked for us and the CD does. So stick with it quietly and firmly and let your husband deal with whatever issues he has with it. :hug99:


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I have no libido, probably because of my weight and i'm hoping that CD will fix that. Its a contant source of (usually fairly light hearted) arguments in our relationship. My Partner is really supportive as he would like me to lose weight. Though he is concerned that i will be able to run faster than him away from his amorous advances!