Your pets and Their Names?

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  1. PopUp

    PopUp *Avid Gum Chewer*

    This is just a thread asking about what pets you have and what their names are..

    I have 2 Boxer dogs, 5 guinea pigs and one mouse.

    Boxer dog 1: Zena (Female)
    Boxer Dog 2: Tilly (Female)
    Gp 1: Midnight (Female)
    Gp 2: Flutterby (Female)
    Gp 3: Amor (Female)
    Gp 4: Parva (Male) (Name means small)
    Gp 5: Tangy (Male)
    Mouse: Nutmeg (Male)

    Feel free to leave pictures too, even though I haven't.
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  3. Blue Butterfly

    Blue Butterfly Gold Member

    I have.....

    4 rabbits-Sydnee, Angel, Bunny and Other Bunny (the last 2 dont have names yet even though they've been here for months so that's what they're called for now)

    4 gerbils-Dante, Jakey, Tilly and Evie.

    3 Hamsters-Dexter, Carter and Loki.

    7 mice-Lexi, Luna, Piper, Mila, Baylyn, Taya and Kaizen.
  4. juejon

    juejon Full Member

    i only have one dog a 2 year old west highland terrier her name is holly x
  5. RealFireflies

    RealFireflies Full Member

    My beautiful dog Bella! Bella!!
  6. Clanger72

    Clanger72 Silver Member

    Aww Bella is gorgeous :) i so miss not having a dog, homes just not a home without one
  7. RealFireflies

    RealFireflies Full Member

    Thank you. She is particularly beautiful but a rescue dog and very, *very* needy. There are days when I can't take her and she ends up in her basket! :p It's like having a toddler under my feet all day. :p
  8. Clanger72

    Clanger72 Silver Member

    We have:

    1 cat, Millie
    2 chickens, Peaches and Matilda (they haven't laid eggs for months and are quite frankly freeloaders!)
    1 corn snake, Casper (not sure if its male or female guess it doesn't really matter)
  9. Clanger72

    Clanger72 Silver Member

    Rescue dogs can be very draining. I rehomed a lurcher many years ago, he was the sweetest looking dog but when out for a walk and off the lead he was pure killer! Mere whiff of a rabbit or deer and he was gone and no amount of shouting got him back. He also hated being left alone and chewed the kitchen to bits!
  10. RealFireflies

    RealFireflies Full Member

    She's not that bad. She's reasonable on recall (about 60% of the time, and uses a small amount of diagnosed hearing loss to play the "Oh sorry, I didn't hear you" card!) She's not so terrible left alone, she's an opportunist in that she'll be in the bin or on the sofa or across the dining room table (where she can watch the comings and going of the world much like a cat) but if I'm on top of making sure none of that can happen before I go out, she'll settle and self-sooth nicely. But when I'm home she's forever under my feet and crying and pressing against me and trying to get on my knee. However, if I cage her or lock her in "her room", she'll self-sooth again and settle into her basket. Nothing I do works so we have our cuddle time and then have our separate time. :p
  11. mommyB

    mommyB love it

    We have 1 cat ,Nina-see my signature, she's a rescue cat and the softest most affectionate cat!!
    1 guinea pig, scratchy, ( we did have itchy and scratchy as in the simpsons but sadly itchy is no longer with us !)
    1 Hamster , Miss Nibs. she's our 3rd hamster and were told she was a male so we called him Nibbles, but when we went on holiday my friend looked after him-she has 5 of her own- and she realised that we had been misinformed, hence Miss nibs !!
  12. hel8

    hel8 I'm just looking!

    Sasha aged 7, and dull as a brush.
  13. Nelliduff

    Nelliduff Getting there slowly ...

    We only have two dogs at the moment, Nelliduff and Oscar - they are golden retrievers. I love them dearly. Lost my soul dog Rudi about seven months ago (he is the one in the picture) All three were related and the others look very alike him. I am still heart broken.

    One of the really good things about goldens (especially when you are on a diet) - is that you never get a whole treat to yourself - it's always got to be shared out or you don't get peace, so that has to be a plus :).
    Last edited: 31 October 2011
  14. Tiphareth

    Tiphareth Silver Member

    We have 3 degus

    Alice, Boudicca and Mizpop (used to be Molly but Mizpop seems to have stuck). We also lost Rose earlier this year.
  15. PopUp

    PopUp *Avid Gum Chewer*

    Just checked back and saw you had posted a picture, she is very beautiful :D
  16. PopUp

    PopUp *Avid Gum Chewer*

    A friend of a friend (Though, I wouldn't class him as a friend because he obviously didn't know how to look after dogs and had to give up five of his dogs.. though I do not think he will be taking them back after the 8 month period we are supposed to be looking after them for.) So, I am stuck now looking after a jack russel and two golden pups (little girls, about 10 weeks). My brother is taking care of the other two (not entirely sure what breed they are) and my father is looking after my own two. After the few accidents, the little pups are now settled (Finally). My house is full up, and I have plenty of stuff to do to keep myself busy.
  17. Lady_Amalthea

    Lady_Amalthea Looking for Slimville!

    We have 2 guinea pigs called Nebula (all black satin short hair) and Sputnik (tri-colour Sheltie) -both 8 months old and 1 Syrian hamster called Rizla (1.5 years old)

    There are also 2 dogs at my mum & dad's but when I left the family home I had to leave them behind too :(. Still visit loads though. They are Jake (8 year old Jack Russell) and Pippa (6 year old Border/Cairn Terrier cross).

    Sputnik - [​IMG]

    Nebula - [​IMG]

    Rizla - [​IMG]
    Jake & Pippa - [​IMG]
  18. Nelliduff

    Nelliduff Getting there slowly ...

    Hi PopUp
    You and your brother both sound like lovely people. Good luck with the puppies - hope you've got LOTS of energy :)

  19. Nelliduff

    Nelliduff Getting there slowly ...

    PS Good luck with your diet
  20. Nelliduff

    Nelliduff Getting there slowly ...

    Hi Lady

    Loved your pictures - wee cuties.

    You are not far down the road from me.

  21. Lynn8124

    Lynn8124 Gold Member

    I have an adorable Lab-springer called Ozzy, he is black and has a big patch of white on his chest. He was a rescue dog and was REALLY clingy at the start and to this day nearly 3 years later he still doesn't like being apart from me. He cries when I put him out back but when I have to go out in the evening and he's in the house he's fine. sometimes I leave the tv on for him.:D

    My parents have a staffy called Zena (see someone else mentioned a Zena too lol) and a 'fox red' Lab called Rocky. Rocky is 7yo and we dunno what age zena is as she was a rescue dog.

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