Your pets and Their Names?


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My 3 year old boxer Sasha :) :heartpump:

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I have two dogs
Tia - a loopy 3 y/o lurcher (greyhound x collie, border and beardie)
and Daisy - a slightly crazy ball obsessed 2 1/2 y/o border collie!


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This made me laugh and made me realise I'm not the only one with dubiously named chickens....we have a white one called Mayo, an orange one named Nando and a black one called Crispy! I'm sure the neighbours think we're nuts!

Haha, people always give me such a funny look when I tell them :) Glad it isn't just me

peach pip

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I have a cat Daphne Moon .... She sits weird! Haha!


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I have...

Beagle (Male) - Hector
Orange/white cat (Male) - Barney



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I have a Springer spaniel called Oscar who will be 12 in May, a border terrier called Eliza who is 4 and Bertie, a black teenage cat who's 10 months...a cutie but a terror! Love all my furbabies!


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I've got three cats

Mia is 6 and pure white
Bella is a tabby (5) and Oliver is a blue/ grey (5). I love them to bits they're like my babies!


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IMG_20161101_124121-1.jpg purdy