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Your shopping list essentials

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Celerystalks, 20 February 2012 Social URL.

  1. Celerystalks

    Celerystalks Full Member

    Searched for a thread on this but couldn't find one so pls forgive me if I'm repeating but.......

    Doing a big supermarket shop tonight for my first full week on sw. What are your essentials??? I'm thinking maybe more stuff to snack on for free or with a low syn value. Going to trawl through my mags for dinner ideas.

    Was thinking of trying mugshots (not sure of they stock them here in Ireland) and Alpen lights. Saw a thread on uncle bens rice time. They sound good for lunch ideas!

    On an unrelated note I just ate a full 150g pack of cooked smoked chicken as a snack. :eek: there's nothing at all added and no skin on it so it's totally free right?? :)
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  3. pamsie

    pamsie Full Member

    My weekly essentials are:
    Frozen mixed vegetables
    Fresh fruits
    Tinned tomatoes

    Don't forget Frylight.
  4. pamsie

    pamsie Full Member

    oops, forgot to say that the chicken should be free if it has not been cooked in fat. If you still have the pack, check on the syns forum as you might be able to find out if it has any syns at all.
  5. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

  6. Celerystalks

    Celerystalks Full Member

    Thanks starlight. Apologies for the repitition. Not sure where I went wrong. Searched for shopping list and a whole lot of seemingly unrelated stuff came up? Maybe coz I'm on my iPhone?
  7. Celerystalks

    Celerystalks Full Member

    Pamsie thanks! Forgot about mullerlights!!
    Chicken was roasted. No mention of oil anywhere. Hoping for the best since skin was removed!
  8. Chipmunk89

    Chipmunk89 but you can call me Toni!

    Also, search for a thread called SW must haves :) I think its exactly what you're looking for!
  9. Celerystalks

    Celerystalks Full Member

    Thanks chipmunk! That's exactly what I want. :) this is such a huge forum, I'll eventually find my way around :)
  10. nfarnon

    nfarnon Full Member

    I still get lost lol
    My esstenials are ham or chicken and mullerlight and frozen summer berries I find them better than freash ones there not as expense and last longer i love them in my mullerlights.
  11. Opal_Lily

    Opal_Lily Gold Member

    Eggs, chopped tomatoes and passata!!!
    Fry light
    Lots of fruit and veg
    Chick peas
    Wholemeal noodles

    I know other people have mug shots, savoury rice, pasta 'n' sauce, uncle ben's rice time etc for lunches but I prefer to buy lots of veg and make a nice soup for lunches. I make different ones every week. I just find that I feel a lot better because of it and it fits in with how I personally see SW - less convenience foods and more healthy, home-cooked food. I'd only go for the others if I was really stuck.

    But then again I'm a control freak and I like knowing exactly what I'm putting in my mouth :)
  12. kaz200581

    kaz200581 Full Member

    King prawns
    Chicken breasts
    Extra lean minced meat
    Laughing cow light triangles
    Velvet crunch
    I personally wouldn't go putting naughty old Uncle Bens Rice Times in my trolley now as the syn values have all shot up (sweet and sour used to be free but is now 8.5 syns), I personally wouldn't waste my syns on them now!

    Hope this helps x
  13. hunca

    hunca Silver Member

    oh velvet crunch I often see then in Poundland but Ive never bought them. How many syns?
  14. Opal_Lily

    Opal_Lily Gold Member

    4 syns for velvet crunch!
  15. kaz200581

    kaz200581 Full Member

    And worth every one of those 4 syns - I love them but have to be very strong to stick to the 1 packet! I prefer the thai sweet chilli ones! x
  16. hunca

    hunca Silver Member

    Thanks for that info. Was worried Id get my knuckles wrapped got asking syn value outwith specific thread/stickie lol ;-) Will add them to shopping list
  17. Singingjojo

    Singingjojo Full Member

    Philadelphia light- garlic and herbs
    Reduced fat hummus
    Dark rye ryvita
    Sweet potato
    Red onion
    Red fat cheddar (usually cathedral city)
    Mushy peas
    Tinned tomatoes
    Pasta and sauces
    Mars ice cream bars 7.5 SYNS :)
    And by no means least WHITE WINE :p
  18. Corblimey

    Corblimey Full Member

    New start new shopping list, any suggestions?

    Hi everyone

    I have dragged by fat backside over here again in shame as I am planning to start SW again after a few failed attempts :eek:

    I've lost nearly 2 stones in the past on the plan so I know it works if I stick to it - common sense really, i'm my own worst enemy.

    I am writing my shopping list and starting a recipe folder to kick start it all and wondered if anyone has any suggestions for low syn/ syn free items I can pick up for my lunch when i'm in a rush in the morning. I have found that the innocent mousakka veg pot is 2.5 syns on EE which I have added to my list for when its on offer, I have tried one this week and it was scrummy :)

    Sainsburys is easiest for me as i pass it in the morning but I also have Morrisons, Tesco, Aldi and Lidl all reasonably close by so any suggestions greatly appreciated

    I have a microwave, kettle and fridge at work.
  19. sarah5298a1

    sarah5298a1 Silver Member

    sainsburys low syn ready meals:

    Be Good to Yourself Bolognese Pasta Bake, frozen, 400g pack 3.5 syns on EE & G

    Be Good to Yourself Chicken & Mushroom Risotto, frozen, 400g pack 5 syns on EE & G

    Be Good to Yourself Vegetable Lasagne, chilled, 400g pack 4 syns on EE & G

    mugshots are good to take to work, i usually take a mug shot, about 3 pieces of fruit, a syn free yog and a couple of alpen lights

    you could make sw quiche night before enough to last a few days and take pickled onion and beetroot to have with it

    i freeze portions of se chilli and spag bol in takeaway containers and take that to micro at work, oh and the mcains frozen jacket spuds are 1 syn each so u could take one of them with a filling of your choice and maybe a small pack of ready to eat salad, sometimes i take a couple of slices of bread and either tinned spaghetti or beans and have them on toast - if u have a toaster at work xx hope this helps x
  20. sarah5298a1

    sarah5298a1 Silver Member

    sainsburys more stuff:

    Be Good to Yourself Couscous Salad with Chargrilled Vegetables, 250g pot 1 syn on ee and g

    Be Good to Yourself Vegetable Curry & Pilau Rice, chilled, 400g pack 2.5 on ee and g

    Be Good to Yourself Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta, chilled, 400g pack 2 on ee and g

    Indian Vegetable Dhansak, chilled, 400g pack 3 on ee and g

    Prawn Curry & Rice, frozen , 400g pack 4 on ee and g
  21. somebody

    somebody Full Member

    How many syns are in a Creamy Cheese Pasta Mug Shot?

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