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Your thoughts on this pic



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Mixed! America has a massive obesity problem (no pun intended) and maybe highlighting it on the statue they are so proud of is the way to drive it home


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Sorry I have to say, but that so looks like me in my undies :-<


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My thoughts well , she likes her humburger , and likes them big , so i guess thats why shes got a tad big lol
Also shes saying up yours by the finger , as if to say i'll eat what i like lol


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American through and through...evn down to the chocolate covered bananas...........


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It signifies change in america from 200 years ago.. The fact that America has an obesity problem, therefore the statue of LIBERTY.. It represents the change in america regarding a lot of things..
First thing i think of.. if how 200 years ago, the food that people lived on was dramatically different, and also a lot harder to get ahold of.. more people starved.. and so on..
Second thing i think of is about the finger.. like.. how much more rude people are.. Much more vulgar.. And in nowaday society we arent shocking by someone sticking their fingers up anymore..
And thirdly i think.. "are those my legs"..

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OMG, was i alone in thinking that your chocolate covered bananas do not look like bananas but something equally as phallic?


Strong women stay slim
if only they tasted that good , we would be sucking them all the time , lol Sorry for being Kinky lol
PURE FILTH!! teehee xx
I feel sullied by all this adult conversation that has quite gone over my innocent head :D
Shut up!

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