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You can now put youtube videos into your MiniMins post,

First go to youtube and figure out what video you want

Now when you have the video open you will have an address in the address bar of your browser like this:


you only need the part that i have bolded, which is everything after,

Copy the a-gW3RbJd8U part, and come back to minimins.

There is a button that looks like this:

Click it, you will now see something like this:


Paste the part of the address you copied into it, such that it looks like this:


Then write the rest of your post as you want, so heres what the end result looks like :)


You Tube rules the entire universe

Just trying one of my favourites out to check I can make it work;)

I wont post a link - but Foamy Rants are hilarious

Just type in 'Foamy' - he is a small cartoon but really funny - the language is cruel tho...

I LOVE rocky horror!! been to many a RH ball. all dressed up. its great fun...and im so sad i know ALL the words all the way through from beginning to end of the film

I love that film as well. There are a few films that really stand above the usual drivel and this is truly one of them.


This is one my kids made at the weekend, I think they are mad!! Hope it works!!

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Oh Mrs D, that is excellent. What clever kids and what an constructive and imaginative way of using up school holiday time.:cool:

Big pat on the back for them and one of my first class cups
Mrs. D!!!

That was brill:D :D :D ....I really enjoyed it....well done your family...the imagination was really good!!!!

Love Mini xxx