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youuuu hoooo

Hey guys,

Not been on here for a while. I've recently got a new puppy so he takes up most of my time!!!
I've had a mixed last couple of weeks really, i have to admit i fell off the wagon big stylee last week, i felt so cross with myself as i'd managed for all those weeks not to eat anything. But i'm back on the straight and narrow again now so fingers crossed it continues.Also, people are starting to notice my weight loss now, i keep getting comments and it really spurs you on!!And do ya know what?i was expecting eating something would be like fireworks in my mouth but it really wasn't. after i'd eaten, i felt exactly the same as what i would have done if i'd have had a shake. Just makes you realise that food doesnt nec = happy!

I hope everyone is doing well. i've realised that i need to come on here more often as it defo spurs you on.

oh and sorry to bang on, but in April i'm having a par tay! and i want to cook loads of nice party food etc( i wont be eating it). Does anyone have any good ideas/recipes etc? would be hugely appreciated!

lots of love xxx
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I will be skinny again!!!
Sorry I cant help there but Adam is a good cook! get some off him :)

Sorry to hear you fell of the wagon but its sooo good to hear your back on and you have realised food isnt everything!!!



♥3 Years Maintaining♥

Glad to see you back :D

Ive got some good recipies for golden oat biscuits and some fairy cakes if you would like them!
I will look out some recipes on my nightshifts when I have some more time. What sort of food are you interested in doing.

Welcome back and keep coming on here as we wont allow you to nibble. Just remember big pickers wear big knickers.......nice to see you again xxx


My husband = My hero
Iya love howa u!

welcome back!

awww im gettin a new puppy today! cant wait!

lovely to see u back on track

thanks girls!!would love the recipes if you have them!i love baking!sound like a right granny!

lauren wat puppy you getting?!i've got a pug he is sooooo naughty. i feel like a new mother.


My husband = My hero
I want 2 pugs, called Wendy and Bently!!!!! its my life long ambition im so jealouse!!! piccies please!

were gettin another lab pup :sigh: my dad goes shooting u see, so will be a working dog as our other one is retired now!

i love baking, start my cake decorating classes in april, otherwise i wuda made u a load of yummies!!

enjoy your party sweetness :D

pic of him in my album, not sure but think you have to be my friend to view my pics!!

ahh wat you callin your lab?xxx


My husband = My hero
Fred would you believe! weve already got jasper haha sound like bloody lorrel and hardy!!

i have befriended you! xxx

sparkle 63

sparkling:)and hopeful :)
Hiya, I can give you some tasty caribbeean recipes if you would like x x Aw how is your lovely puppy?
hi hunni oooh i would love some caribeean recipes if u could send me some too pleeeeeeeeeze!!! lol! x

sparkle 63

sparkling:)and hopeful :)
welcome bk barbie! glad to have u bk in the fold, stick with us girl you will go far! lol x
Hiya, I can give you some tasty caribbeean recipes if you would like x x Aw how is your lovely puppy?
hey, recipes would be greatly received please if thats ok?!

puppy is fine altho very naughty!xx

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