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No I cant im at work with no more packets :cry:but I finish in a couple of hours so will have to top up on the coffee. I thought it would be lovely as I looove fizzy water. What a let down:sigh:


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LOL, not tried a shake using fizzy water - and won't now :D :D - but I did try making a mousse with chilled fizzy water. I thought it might make it more bubbly and light.

(Shakes head sadly). It didn't. :)

TBH, it tasted exactly the same. Still, at least it wasn't a disaster - I didn't have to throw it away.


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
I'm going to try fizzy water with orange flavouring (to see if I can get a kind of CD Orangina, lol! :p). But now I shan't be trying it with anything else!


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Fizzy water with flavourings is lubberly. Fizzy water with shakes is insane :D Whatever possessed you :D


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Thanks for that. I was wondering what it would be like, you have saved me a shake :)

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