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Yum & Yuck


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Thought I'd start this thread to give our favourite flavours. Better than dwelling on things we can't have :)

Yum malt toffee bars, choc tetras

Yuck original porridge, butterscotch shake

Not sure Fruits of the forest shake

Must try Vanilla shake with spoon of coffee.
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YUCK - all the porridges, butterscotch shake, chicken mushroom soup

YUM - choc mint, vanilla, banana

DOABLE - most of the rest

WAFFLING - fruits of the forest

Yum - all tetras, peanut crunch bars, cranberry crunch bars and the occasional choc orange bar (mainly because of the dark choc covering).

Yuck - All without any exception porridge! Most powdered shakes unless made into a muffin when the choc and choc mint are acceptable.

Must try - mixamouse when I'm allowed.

Fab thread :)

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Yummy yum yum: All tetras, all flavour bars (espcially malt toffee), Choc Mint & Cappuccino shakes.

Doable: the rest of the shake flavours.

Yuck: Can't stand any of the soups & Porridge.


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S: 13st6lb C: 13st4.5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 32 Loss: 0st1.5lb(0.8%)
Well if I'm going to be allowed Spag bol and so on I'd rather have the real thing so don't think it would work for me. Glad it is working for you.
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You are right Val, it really does come across like a sales pitch! Powerfully so.

The products you describe are available under many different company names. They are all made at the same factory in France. Avidlite, Celebrity Slim, Protimeal, etc... and recently someone told me, Lighter Life has switched or is about to switch at least partly to this same factory.

If you go to Avidlite or Low Carb Megastore you will find these same mealpacks and bars available at less cost than they are as part of a specific 'diet company' package. I have used them, myself, in the recent past. I didn't like the taste of the 'hot meal' options but others might love them. And some of the products, unlike say Exante or Cambridge, are not full meal replacements so they need to be supplemented.

This is a Cambridge forum so perhaps you should have posted on the other VLCD-type forum?


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Very sorry - wasn't meant to be a sales pitch, like I said I have nothing to do with AAW, other than following the plan - I guess I am just filled with enthusiasm because it is working so well for me.

But thanks for the info re the factory where it's made and the cheaper alternatives available.

I've deleted the offending post and as requested will stick to my own forum from now on.


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S: 13st6lb C: 13st4.5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 32 Loss: 0st1.5lb(0.8%)
Val, don't feel bad about this. We're all here to help and support each other no matter what diet we are following. :wave_cry:


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well since I'm in Belgium I have other flavors, so for the bars I love lemon, and apple. For the shakes I stick to vanilla and chocolate. Choc mint is doable, banana to. But I hate strawberry and Fruit of the forest along with orange.

For the soups I love vegetable and mushroom. Not that I have any choice there are the only ones available. Would dream to get a tomato flavors or indian chicken ;)
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yum - all the bars, vanilla shake ( with an expresso in ) choc mint shake
yuck - all the soups

yet to try the tetras
ooh Illa I love the sound of the lemon bar, I love anything lemonie! Wonder if we would be getting anything like that!

I love this thread - PGD x ;)


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That lemon bar sounds nice. Does it have chocolate. I'd like a cappuchino flavoured bar. And some more soups.
S: 212.8lb C: 204.0lb G: 142lb BMI: 35 Loss: 8.8lb(4.14%)
I think in the US (or is it just a discontinued flavour? Can't remember where I saw it) they have a broccoli-cheese soup, that sounds deeelish! I want some!!
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Ooh nice thread MaryMZ! Its interesting to see what we all like and dislike.
YUM - mint choc shake, choc bar, mint choc mousse, peanut bar, chicken and mushroom soup
YUCK - spicy tom soup, butterscotch shake

Most others I haven't mentioned are pretty nice too :)
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YUM - all of the bars, esp. Peanut, cranberry and orange
Do-able - tetras
YUCK - everything else!

I did previously quite like/tolerate a few of the soups and the apple and cinamon porridge, but the longer i'm on this the worse they started to taste...
Cambridge used to do a broccoli and cheese soup. It was withdrawn fairly quickly as almost everyone hated it. Foul is not the word! Just the smell of the opened pack - reminiscent of cat sick - was enough.

I hated the (truly nasty) butterscotch shake and the strawberry tetra. Only liked a few of the bars, and wasn't all that mad on the ones I did 'like'.

I loved the porridges and the choc tetras. I loved the spicy tomato soup that most cannot stand! If you tweak the soup by adding spices and seasonings it comes out suprisingly tasty.

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