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yummy Alpen Light bar


Vegetarian who lives2eat
isnt it funny how different we all are, I really dislike that one,think its far too sweet, I like the fudge ones dont tend to have them too often,trying to ween myself off having too many sweets.glad you like them and they will help you to stay on the straight and narrow
No the apple and sultana rock!!!!

They are the best but I actually like all the flavours!!!

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy!


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I like the chocolate fudge one as well but I think I OD'd on Alpen Lights LOL. For two weeks running, I ate at least 2 a day as 1 HexB but would sometimes syn one or two in the evening. I ate bucket loads of them. Each week I only lost 1lb so I stopped eating them and lost 3lbs the next week LOL. erm... I should have eaten them in moderation!!
I only use them as a HEXB about once a week, normally when I am on an awkward shift at work as they are easy and quick to eat in a break. I have tried the choc fudge but wasn't too keen and will definately try an apple one.
I love all of them but am annoyed and might boycott them (if I have the will power) as they've reduced the box size to only 5 bars and are still charging the same price! :eek:


I'm a raver baby!
Yeah that's terrible, reducing the number you get and keeping the price the same. You get five 21g bars for almost £2, that is SO expensive. PLUS, if you only use them for healthy B's then you have to buy TWO boxes because you'd have one odd one left over from a box of five!! Saying that, I really do like the chocolate fudge and summer fruits ones. :D I am yet to try apple and sultana, choc orange or citrus.


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I like the Ryvita Goodness Bars - particularly the strawberry or the cranberry and apple varieties. I find them more filling than the Alpen bars and they can also be used as a HEB.
They are about the same price as the Alpen ones for a box of six. It's not really that expensive as you wouldn't think twice about spending 50p on a small chocolate bar ;)


I'm a raver baby!
Mmmm, yeah I know what you're saying but chocolate bars are aroung 50g - 60g, not 21g!!
All the new Alpen Light packaging only contain 5 bars. You've got the 'old' ones!


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I absolutely love the summer fruits alpen lights. I have then with a muller light. Think I may go and have that now...


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I like the choc orange & summer fruits, but thought they were expensive for 6, especially when you would normally eat 2 the same day. But now with only 5 in the box, think I will be sticking to good old fashioned weetabix, with loads of sweetener!!
I like all of them!! I have one for breakfast and include one with my lunch for work.
Re. the money, when I think I used to spend £20 on a chinese meal once or twice a month and lord knows how much on booze .. £4 a week for 2 boxes of lovely treats that keep me on track is worth it!


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You know, I think SW members should exercise some consumer power. We should all be writing and emailing the manufacturer to complain at their cheap attempt to get one over on us by reducing the pack size while leaving the price the same. Just think how many SW members there are that buy this product! Shame them into doing something about it! :mad:


I'm a raver baby!
I agree, anyone know the address to write to? The worst thing about it is because we use 2 as a healthy b, one box now only contains 2 servings instead of 3 which significantly reduces their value for money.

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