zero calorie diet drinks.


Quick question
On The CD website it lists "zero calorie diet drinks." as allowable fluids. Does this mean you can drink diet coke on SS?

I don't think so at least you couldn't last year when I did it. I think its something to do with citric acid as it can knock people out of ketosis.
Anyone no if there are any zero cal drinks other tan black tea/coffee and water????
Hiya Donna

When following any of the plans from 790 and above then, yes you can drink Diet Coke and other zero calorie drinks.

However, when following sole source it is best to wait until you are in established ketosis before having any diet drinks and even then they should be used sparingly and not as a substitute for water.

There was some information around that citric acid can interfere with ketosis and CD conducted their own research into this and found that it is ok once ketosis is established and the drinks are used sparingly.

Enjoy the occassional diet drink but please remember to keep your water intake to a generous minimum of 3litres per day!! :)
Thanks for the info. Will wait till well into ketosis. Dr Pepper and Fanta sound like good choices!

Even if the Z drinks don't contain the dreaded citric acid, my fear would be that it would trigger cravings by association.

I personally am using my time on the diet to retrain my taste buds to make heathier choices as a matter of preference in taste rather than just because I should be healthier.

I think that from previous threads coke z is allowable.
I have found coke zero and dr pepper z to slow my weight loss down and trigger off cravings.

i think like people said it's all down to the individual and trial and error.

Good luck. :)
I have definitely had clients who have eaten after drinking Coke Zero and have said it sparked off all sorts of cravings.

For that reasons I always recommend people stick to Water/Coffee and Tea as originally designed as why would you risk it.

Technically I think so.. but you aren't allowed to drink a lot of it incase it kicks you out of ketosis.
It seemed to slow my weight loss, if you can manage with just water then do your best, the more you drink the more you get used to it.
Try breaking it into little bottles, I found at first a 2 litre just used to over face me, now I buy 5ltr ones for a day!
I personally will have coke zero occasionally esp at the pub cos I don't like ordering soda water as they usually stick lemon in it without asking so I can't drink it anyway plus I think I look cheap!! But coke zero (along with Dr pepper z) I was told was acceptable as it has no citric acid whereas diet coke, diet pepsi and pepsi max do and are therefore not allowed. I don't think it has slowed my weight loss but I wouldn't know as I have had it from time to time since the beginning of my diet.