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Zero Drinks


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I thought it was only coke zero and you could have one small bottle a day - i dont because it makes me hungry


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Hey Hun,

NO IT ISN'T ALL ZERO DRINKS. Only coke zero has no citric acid in it.
Lilt, sprite, fanta all have citric acid in.

I'm sure 1 sprite zero won't do much harm, but just be aware for the future.

Hugs x x x


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i love the 'under the impression we could have' and then the 'unofficially' bit... :D

Officially, we can't have any diet drinks. Full stop.

Unofficially, if you absolutely have to indulge, try to avoid any diet drink which has citric acid in. That's pretty much all of them, with the notable exceptions of Coke Zero and Dr Pepper Zero. Nearly all the others have citric acid in. The 'zero' refers to calories rather than citric acid.

Why no citric acid? Well, I won't blind you with science (it's to do with the Kreb's Cycle if you do want to be blinded with science - happy googling... :D). In short though, it interferes with ketosis. Probably won't make any difference to your weight loss other than slow it down temporarily but the bigger danger is that you might get the munchies.


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i have 1 rule at the moment, if it aint in the book...dont have it!
however, if you desperately feel the need, then no one can stop you hun, BUT, be aware that it might effect your losses...
I've never been a big fan of coke to be fair so its been easy to go without


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Yeah i'm following the same rule - packs, water and coffee for me :) If it and down it aint getting in :)
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Hey hun, I have a coke zero once in awhile when I meet up with friends for a drink. And have had no problems. It was stopped because it made some people so hungry but if your ok the odd one if fine.
And dont worry one can of sprite isnt anything to worry about. Drink lotssssssssss of water and check your ketostick tomorrow...you'll be fine xxxxx


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I have the odd diet coke and it hasn't seemed to have an effect so far, but of course I dont' know how much I would have lost without it! Still, I am happy with loss so far, so if it stalls then of course I'll cut it out.

Coke zero is vile, unfortunately, so if its that or nothing then I choose nothing!
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A maximum of two cans of coke zero a day! (Although you could feel quite bloated)

Sprite is a lemon flavour based drink so it is always going to have some citric acid in it even if it says zero on the can- I'd stay away if I were you.

One shouldn't have done too much damage but drink a bit more water today to dilute it down- just in case.lol xx

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