Zero noodles/Shirataki noodles

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  1. Sarah2439

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    I am thinking about buying some of these to mix in with the meals and soups in a bid to trick my stomach into feeling like Ive eaten something. Ive read a report that one you get passed the rubber texture theyre actually quite good for filling you up, they have 8 calories per 200grms and no fat or Carbs. Has anyone used these? what were they like? Did they improve the consistency of the meals? Did it alter your weight loss in any way??
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  3. jeanette78

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    Hi, I have had the slim noodles, I chopped them up smaller as I found them hard to cut lol. First I put them in micro and added to either soup or spag bol. Then I put them in frying pan with some liquid bouillon (with a little water added) and cooked them for a couple of mins, till liquid absorbed, which improved both the texture and flavour enormously. I only have them now and again tho, so for me it hasn't stopped weight loss. Hope that helps?

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