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Zero Support

Hello guys

I am just wondering if any of you guys had 0 support from your family members.
I did the diet successfully a year ago but I slipped so bad and gained more weight than before and I have been trying to re-start the diet for the past 10 months now but I’ve cheated and cheated and wasted a lot of my money in the process.

My family knows this and they have been trying to convince me to stop this diet and move on to other types of diet. But I know this diet works best for me because I can’t control my eating habits and I can do it and that me slipping was 110% my fault and not the diet’s fault. But I do not know how to explain to them.

Anyways I already bought 10 weeks of diet with a huge chunk of my savings to last me till end this year. I have about 30kg to lose I’m not sure if 10 weeks is sufficient but I really do want to accomplish it because now I really want to prove my family members wrong. It really is disheartening not to having any sort of support from your family members or friends. When I say I am on the diet they tend to roll their eyes and say what’s the point, there’s no difference etc.

Just on Sunday, I was out with my family for my birthday lunch and there was a GNC store and they were trying to convince me to buy weight loss pills from there. I was so hurt that they would do that.

But I think that was the trigger point there and then because now I’ve done 3 days SS in a row with more motivation than ever and I would love to see their expressions when my weight dropped off.

I love my family to death but it just sucks not to have their support.I feel so alone right now, if anyone knows what I mean.

Anyways sorry for the long post.
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A lot of people frown upon this diet as they really dont understand it.. its easy to look at it and think.. how the heck can someone get everything they need from these three little packs.. But you know it works.. you've seen it work.. and you know you can do it.. the hardest thing is to ignore your loved ones..

Can you find some evidence of how safe vlcd's is and take it to them?

*hugs*.. i can understand feeling lonely.. but you will always have someone who will listen to you on here.. that is the true joys on being a miniminer..

x x
Hi there. I totally know what you mean as I had the same experience except that I have been trying to succeed for 2 years!

I am having the same problem with my family. They have seen me have a great success, then fail repeatedly ever since and now I get the reaction you are getting.

I was happy to read that you are really determinded now, yay! You show them what you can do.:) Definately CD is much safer than diet pills, goodness knows what is in pills plus they're expensive. Keep us updated on how you get on, you will get plenty support here.
People dont understand cd and think you are starving yourself, I guess they are only worried about you buy why would they rather you on diet pills???

Try and expain it to them hun.

You will never be on your own hun you have your cd family always here to help and support you.xx


I lurve lurve lurve bars
((((((((((hugs))))))))) My family werent supportive at the beginning as I had failed so many times before,now they know I am determined their attitude has completely changed.Once they see you getting results and sticking to it they will most likely have a complete turnaround xx
thanks guys!
yeah now im more determined than ever.tho i have one more worry that even after i lost all the weight, they are gonna say well u're gonna put in back on like last time..u know..sigh.
Poor you! You really are suffering from all that negativity. You have just got reach into yourself, grit your teeth and do it! You are doing it for you, not for them, although proving them wrong is another incentive to crack it.

Try and feed off their negative comments and turn them round to make you more determined. Like when you were younger and your parents told you could not stay out late with your friends. Did that make you want to do it less, or more?

Rebel, and show them you are made of tougher stuff. You've made the investment, you know they are wrong, now what is stopping you from sticking to it 100%!

Good luck
dont give up familys are funny things ( mine really are ) take my mum she keeps saying to me one little piece of cake wont hurt, no mum stop it x


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you can do it honey. don't let your family get you down. but try and think of what you are going to do differently this time to maintain. come up with a weight maintenance plan that you can discuss with them once you have lost your weight. maybe if they think you won't put it back on again they will give you an easier time.

sorry to play devil's advocate but if they have seen you do the diet once and then gain weight, maybe that is what is troubling them.

i know that you can do it this time. and here is to a skinnier you :)

abz xx
Sounds like you are really positive and you'll do it too. Set your targets to lose the weight and then, very importantly, how you are going to work your way through the plans to maintain. Why don't you ask the maintainers on here how they did it? I'm sure you'll get some great advice, and I shall be very interested myself too. Well done on sticking to it so far - it should get easier now. Good luck

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