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Wants it Gone!
I went in yesterday for my weigh in and I have not budged since last week:cry:

I havent cheated the only thing I can think of is that I have been suffering from a tootache and havent been drinking as much water as I should, on antibiotics and just felt like poo.. but still I should have lost SOME weight right??:sigh:
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Says it as it is!!!
Is it totm hun?


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You have lost 20lb in three weeks which is big weight loss and it is not unusual to have a week where the scales don't seem to move.

Not drinking enough water can be a factor in the scales staying the same as your body will hold onto water if it is not getting enough.

It is very addictive having big weight loss each week and I know it can be very disheartening when the scales don't move but next week you will have another good week...would be surprised if you didn't.

Hang in there!

Do you know how many inches you have lost since you have started?

Love Mini xxx


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never mind 20lbs total is something to be proud of, I get weighed on Sunday so if I lose some I will lend you a bit. xxxx chin up and bring on next week xx
Nope hun don't worry about it, sure i put on a pound before!! I hadn't cheated or anything, it just happens. Prob something do to with totm or something, don't get disheartened!!

Your body is trying to heal, it can't lose weight and heal. Hopefully your tooth is better the antibiotics have kicked in and you have a fab weight loss next week x


Wants it Gone!
thanks everyone for your kind words and Gary Im holding you to your promise ;)

It was TOTM last week and I lost 8LBs.. Im absolutley thrilled with my overall weight and Im more annoyed with the fact that I cant drink much fluids because it hurts my tooth (still in pain but not that much)

I like Anne Marie's philosophy... your body is trying to heal, it cant heal and lose weight at the same time... I'll take that into account.

Roll on Week 5 I'll show 'em :)


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hi ,try drinking your water through a straw, might be better on the toothache and well done on your weight loss so far xx
Aww someone from this thread lest me a lovely rep comment about my pic, thank you whoever you are!!


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