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Zumba classes

hi piglet1977, my class starts tomorrow night. will let you know who it goes, might be needing some ice on my buns when finished.
hi piglet1977, class was over subscribed on friday night. the hall held 200 and there was more than that there. was unable to do any of the moves. so requested refund. what the instructor was doing looked like fun though. looking for another class
I've been to zumba 3 times now.
It's great fun. I'm not sure I understand what I'm doing now any more than I did the first time, but I still enjoy it!

And that's from someone who has 37 left feet, and a ton of wobbly bits!
lol JimofTroy, u explained my experience there :) i LOVED it.. but go into such a muddle at stages.. and some bits i think i made up new moves :) but DEFO going again :) i have never done that hard a work out and still laughed :)
have emailed an other class in my areas. they are on a monday. full last night but have name down for next monday. i am so glad you guys piglet1977 and JimofTroy had such a good time. can not wait, like a big kid. a friend was going to join me friday gone. but pulled out feeling sick, but she went to the pub instead. so not bothering to ask this time going it alone.

can not dance, have all left feet so looking forward to it.


Pesky pescetarian from Australia!
Thank you ladies for this post, I have been looking for a different form of exercise to do and have heard of Zumba classes but I don't have the time to go to a class so I have just had a look on Ebay and ordered a box set of 4 Zumba DVD's for £27.99 inc P&P which I am chuffed with!! :D

The only problem is that I am the most un co-ordinated person in the world as well as the clumsiest so I envisage a few broken bones hehe!!! :8855:
I might get the DVDs, as a) I can only go to a class once in a blue moon, and b) maybe if I'd practised some of the moves myself beforehand I might not feel like such a total dork!

But a dork who's really enjoying her 37-left-footed self!

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