Zumba on the wii

Discussion in 'Zumba' started by jojo_1625, 10 February 2012 Social URL.

  1. jojo_1625

    jojo_1625 Full Member

    Hi all

    I just got Zumba for the wii.. Does anyone else have it? It's great fun n talk about sweat :)
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  3. cariadc

    cariadc Member

    I just got it last week and love it lol. Knackering though.. not too fit yet. My hair was dripping just after twenty minute session and took me three days to work up to full workout lol.
  4. jojo_1625

    jojo_1625 Full Member

    Lol.. I was exactly the same!! 20 mins high intensity.. N I tried a medium class , thought I was going to die!! I'm going to try to do 2 short classes and 1 medium a week :)
  5. cariadc

    cariadc Member

    good idea I will maybe try the same and see how it gos ..good luck :)
  6. jueanne49

    jueanne49 Member

    I lent it to see if it was any good talk about the wedding dancer my feet went one way my arms the other so funny glad i was on my own , will be using this again .
  7. jueanne49

    jueanne49 Member

    Another 1lb lost yipee<a href="http://www.myfitnesspal.com/weight-loss-ticker"><img border="0" src="http://tickers.myfitnesspal.com/ticker/show/1800/721/18000721.png" /></a><p style="text-align:center;width:420px;"><small>Created by MyFitnessPal - Free <a href="http://www.myfitnesspal.com">Calorie Counter</a></small></p>
  8. JulieR.ace

    JulieR.ace Full Member

    I have this and only used once but since starting slimming world again I really must get back into exercising I really enjoyed it and felt as if I was doing a good work out as was sweating afterwards. Let me know how you guys get on and I promise myself after I weigh in on Wednesday I am going to start doing the wii Zumba :D
  9. d14

    d14 Full Member

    Can anyone tell me what the game consists of? Thinking about buying it
  10. Auburn

    Auburn x x x

    It's great fun! I've never gone to a proper class, so can't compare to that, but the wii game has 2 set beginner workouts, 2 set intermediate workouts, and 2 expert workouts, I think there's maybe more you can unlock as you go through. There's separate routines too, like 5 minute ones, do you can make your own routine by playing the songs you like best

    It comes with a belt which the controller goes in. I'm down to a size 24, the belt doesn't fit me yet, but I hold the controller and it registers the movement still, no problems there :)

    I'd say give it a go, its great fun and definitely feels like a workout! :D
  11. soooom

    soooom Full Member

    Can I just ask...how jumpy is it? As in do you bounce up and down a lot whilst doing it? Just I live in an apartment and dont want to be thudding on downstairs' ceiling too much! Thanks :D
  12. Auburn

    Auburn x x x

    Hehe I think it would be ok, there isn't a great deal of actual jumping, if you'd feel ok dancing about to your music, then I think you'd be ok for this too :)
  13. soooom

    soooom Full Member

    Brilliant, thanks auburn. I will go and pick that up tomorrow. It'll be great for in-between ggym days
  14. Star89

    Star89 Member

    Great Post gonna have a look for a good deal on it
  15. Leasa

    Leasa Member

    hi. i have had this for months but have only used it a handful of times. i know i should be using it more! and i will... been going to slimming world for a few months and lost the odd few pounds every week but didnt feel very motivated and quit.... i now have new found motivation..... my best friend. im not going back to group as its money i could do with saving but we r gunna do the eating plans and all of the rest of it. the motivating part if it for me is that i dont want to get weigh for my friend to have lost and me not to have! so i must get my zumba out and get cracking as we have taken measurements too :s....... i wanna see big results so im not just gunna say im guna do it, i actually am gunna do it. i love zumba so there shud be no reason y i dont do it other that laziness and im guna snap outta that too.
  16. Thisismytime

    Thisismytime Full Member

    I love my zumba wii .. great fun
  17. i got zumba for the wii. i quite like it, ive been using it for 7 days now. i do 2 short classes which last 40 mins. i have lost 8lbs so far and just started dieting couple of weeks ago. im rubbish at it lol but will get better as i grow fitter. the belt thing is annoying because it has to go under my baby flab and feels uncomfortable lol :D
  18. Middy

    Middy Full Member

    I have Zumba wii, really love it.
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