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Zumba, WW Pro-Points and Activity Points


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Hi guys,

This is for the peeps on WW PP ... how many activity points do you earn by doing zumba?

I plugged Zumba into e-source but it didnt recognise it, but it gave me values of 4/6/14 points if you put in 60 mins of low/moderate/high exercise.

I gave myself 6 points, it was my first time tonight so I was shimmying along to a lot of the moves while trying to pick up all the steps! Great fun!

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i think the ww system very strange (even though i've done ww). how can they give you points based on something when they don't know your weight, the intensity of the class and the effort you put into it.

i'm 11st odd and 5ft 8in. when i do zumba and wear my polar heart rate monitor watch i burn between 467 and 579 calories depending on if i do an hour or 45 mins. i put every effort into but i'm quite fit too. if you do the moves but don't put the effort in your cals burnt will be very low.

i would say, after having to work out my activity point for running, that if you put every effort into it and jump, bounce, move around the room and do big arm moves etc then you'll prob get 6 points. so basically if you try to look like the instructor (even if you don't) then you should get them however, if it isn't as bouncy or you don't put as much effort into it then 4 points might be more like it.

sometimes it's always worth under estimating rather than over.


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Hello - thanks ... I did think it was a bit weird trying to calculate points etc as everybody does so differently in a same exercise. I did have one immediate benefit from my first Zumba class, I slept like a log last night!
that's a good bonus :D i'd like to sleep like a log but i do get insomnia quite a long time. if it isn't the kids or the dog or the snoring hubby it's the insomnia.

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