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Thread: WW for dummies?

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    WW for dummies?

    Hi, I'm new to WW and I'm looking for some simple, basic recipe ideas? I would also be helpful if any one can help me with a list of everyday items with their ProPoints value? it would beGreatly appreciated thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by anna.shep View Post
    Hi, I'm new to WW and I'm looking for some simple, basic recipe ideas? I would also be helpful if any one can help me with a list of everyday items with their ProPoints value? it would beGreatly appreciated thanks!
    Hey Anna,

    This was posted a couple of weeks ago...

    I found this list of WW pro pointed foods -

    White/brown bread 35g 1 slice pp2
    ww white or brown bread 1 slice pp1
    tesco white wraps pp5
    big als hotnspicey chicken goujons pp6
    200g baked beans pp4
    chicken breast skinless pp4
    flora buttery 15g pp3
    30g wafer thin ham pp1
    kellogs special k 30g pp3
    boiled potato 100g pp2
    big als roasted mini chicken 100g pp3
    olive oil 5ml pp1
    beef sirloin lean raw 225g pp7
    blue dragon thai sweetchilli dipping sauce 15ml pp1
    50g burger bun pp4
    cheest triangle low fat 14g pp1
    kitkat senses pp5
    Thick cut oven chips 100g pp5
    chips retail fried 28g pp2
    cuisine de france demi baguette 120g pp8
    hellmans squeezy light mayo 15g pp1
    potato croquette med 14g pp1
    walkers cheese and onion 25g pp4
    Low Low Cheese Triangle 1 pp
    Erin Oxtail Cup a Soup 1pp
    BallyFree Turkey Rashers 1pp (per 2 rashers)
    Skimmed Milk (1/4 pint) 1pp
    Dunnes own brand wholemeal pitta (Oval shaped) 3pp
    Celebrations chocolates are 1 pro-point each
    One finger of Twix standard bar is 4 pro-points
    Red wine 125ml pp3
    dry white wine 125ml pp3
    special k originalbar 22g pp2
    cadbury curly wurly 26g pp3
    semi skimmed milk 142ml pp2
    skimmed milk 142ml pp1
    mince beef extra lean raw 125g pp6
    tuna in brine 56g pp1
    pasta white cooked 225g pp7
    pasta wholemeal dried 28g pp3
    brown rice boiled 100g pp4
    white rice easy cooked 150g pp6
    New York Bagels - 6pp (but WW Bagels are only 4 pp )
    WW yoghurts are still only 1pp
    Pork chop 125g - 6pp
    Ryvita - 1 pp each
    Nature Valley Ceral Bars - 5pp
    Tesco 70g Houmous pots - 5pp
    18g of jam/honey etc - 1pp
    Mikado biscuits - 1pp
    Cadbury Chocolate Fingers 1pp
    25g salted, roasted peanuts pp4
    50g granary bread roll pp3
    weight watchers mini cookies 1 bag pp2
    tesco free from white gluten free bread per slice pp2
    Superquinn own brand round wholemeal pitta bread pp3
    ryvita (orange packet) pp1 (per slice)
    200g tin (small one) spaghetti in tomato sauce pp3
    loop the loop icepop pp2
    Cheese & Onion King crisps 4pp
    Extra light philadelphia mini tub 1pp
    Treatsize/funsize aeros are only one pp
    milkbar buttons 2pp (mini)
    smarties 2pp (mini)
    fruit pastilles 2pp (mini)
    Coors light (btl) 4pp
    Oxo stock cubes pp0
    brennans yeastfree wholewheat sliced brown bread per slice pp2
    peas fresh/frozen 80g pp2
    parsnips 90g pp2
    Low Low Cheese Slices 1pp each
    Laughing Cow Cheese Triangles (2) 1pp
    Birds Eye Potato Waffles 3pp each
    Mr kipling chocolate slices 3 pp
    Green isle oven crisp chunky cut 100g pp3/150g pp5
    tayto lfcs 25g pk pp3
    Chickatees - 2 ppoints
    Skips - 2 ppoints
    treble crunch - 3 ppoints
    tayto onion rings - 2 ppoints
    Uncle Bens Risotto - Bacon and Mushroom 12 ppoints
    Amoy Straight to wok noodles 6pp per bag
    manhattan 15g packet pp2
    hazelnuts or cashews (10) pp2
    Garlic puree 1 tsp 1 point
    Tomato puree 2 tbsp 1 point
    Ballyfree original turkey rashers for 2 rashers pp1
    400g baby potatoes= 8 propts
    2 x Aldi Yellowfin Sole lightly dusted fillets = 8 propts
    Gravy made with 5g of gravy granules = 1propt


    Chicken and sweetcorn soup 6pp
    Spring roll 9pp each
    Prawn crackers 9pp
    Char Sui Pork 11 pp
    Chicken and Cashew Nuts 9 pp
    Chicken with Mushroom 8 pp

    Mushroom Chow Mein 5
    Mushroom Foo Yung 6
    Roast Pork Cantonese Style 10
    Special Chow Mein 9
    Szechuan Prawn with Vegetables 12
    Vegetable Curry 8
    Lemon Chicken 10

    Lucozade body sport orange/raspberry/tropical/mixed citrus 500ml pp3
    lucozade hydro active sport summerfruits/citrus 500ml pp1
    quorn sasauages
    1 = 1 propoint
    2 = 3 propoints
    3 = 4 propoints
    knorr quick lunch curry rice 9pp
    WW crisps - 2pp
    WW choc wafer bar - 2pp
    Snack-a-jacks (from multipack) - 2pp
    Small tin tuna in brine - 2pp
    tbsp of herbs is 1pp (dried,fresh is 0pp)
    Dunnes stores potato croquette 100g pp5

    M&S-count on us
    Chocolate Muffin Dessert pp4
    Raspberry Panna Cotta pp4
    Strawberry Trifle pp4
    Prawn Layered Salad - pp12
    Mushroom Risotto - 10
    Chilli con carne with wedges and cheese - 9
    Beef lasange - 10
    Yorkshire pudding with beef (1) - 5
    Chilli con carne with rice - 10
    Chicken breast with tomato & basil sauce (1/2 pack) - 4

    Pint of guinness pp6
    penguin bars 17g pp2, 22g pp3
    tsp any sugar pp1
    mint sauce 2tsp pp0 , 3 to 8 tsp pp1
    mccains curly fries 100g pp7
    maltesers standard bag pp5
    smoked salmon 50g pp2
    crunchie standard bar pp5
    ready brek 30g pp3

    Big Mac 13pp
    Cheeseburger 8pp (though on ww site says 7pp same as hamburger but if you work it out from mcdonalds site and using ww cal online it's 8pp not 7pp )
    Hamburger 7pp
    double cheese 12pp
    4 chicken nuggets (happy meal) 5pp
    6 chicken nuggets 7pp
    chicken mayo 9pp
    mcChicken sandwich 10pp
    med fries 9pp
    small fries 6pp
    milkshakes small (all flavs) 6pp Med (all flavs)
    11pp Mcflurrys
    Crunchie 9pp
    Dairy 9pp
    Rolo 11pp
    Smarties 9pp
    Strawberry sun 10pp
    Toffee sun 10pp
    sugar doughnut
    Hashbrown 3pp
    Bagel 6pp
    Bagel with strawberry jam 7pp
    BBQ Dip 1pp
    Bacon and Egg Muffin 9pp
    Bacon roll with ketchup 9pp
    sausage and egg muffin 11pp
    sausage egg and cheese bagel 15pp
    bacon egg and cheese bagel 12pp
    pancakes and sausage 12pp
    pancakes and syrup 14pp

    burger king chilli cheese bites are 7 pro points, cheesy bites are 6, the new 3 pepper angus burger is 19 points and the sticky toffee pudding bk fusion dessert is 8 pts.

    First cupa soups 190ml serving
    erin chicken soup 1propoint
    erin oxtail soup 1propoint
    erin veg soup with croutons 3propoints
    erin cream of chicken with croutons 3propoints
    knor chicken and veg low cal 1propoints

    baked portions
    birdseye crispy chicken baked 1 is 6propoints
    birseye simply cod fillet baked 1 is 7propoints
    Mr Kipling Chocolate slice individually wrapped 3propoints
    Yorkie biscuit bars 3pp
    Twirl (2 sticks) 6pp
    Wispa 6pp
    Creme egg 5pp
    aldi's own brand crispbreads are 1pp for 2
    Aldi goats cheese 2pp for 30grs

    Bloody Mary - 4 propoints
    Sex on the Beach - 8 propoints
    Strawberry Daiquiri - 4 propoints
    Pina Colada - 6 propoints
    Cosmo - 6 propoints
    Vodka Tonic - 3 propoints
    Alcohol and ProPoints
    Bacardi Breezer 4 ProPoints per bottle
    Coors light 4 ProPoints per bottle
    Bulmers Light 4 ProPoints per 330ml bottle
    Kopperburg cider 8 ProPoints per bottle
    Cider sweet 8 ProPoints per pint
    Cider dry 7 ProPoints per pint
    Guinness 6 ProPoints per pint
    Lager 6 ProPoints per pint
    Lager 3 ProPoints per bottle (330ml)
    Lager Low alcohol 1 ProPoints per bottle
    Heineken 5 ProPoints per 330ml bottle
    Miller 5 ProPoints per 330ml bottle
    Spirits (Vodka, brandy, gin, rum whiskey) 3 ProPoints per 35ml (Irish pub measure)
    Baileys 6 ProPoints per 50ml
    Sherry 2 ProPoints per 50ml
    Port 3 ProPoints per 50ml
    Schnappes 4 ProPoints per 35ml

    Again from the email from WW leader. The table will not copy and paste so here are the values below are for each wine, in the amounts of:

    Red wine 2,3,4,6,19
    Dry white 2,3,3,6,18
    Med white 3,3,5,7,20
    Sweet white 3,4,6,8,25
    Rose 3,3,4,6,19
    Sparkling 3,3,4,6,19
    Champagne 3,3,5,7,20

    Dulano smoked bacon lardons, 125g pack, 9ppts
    Harvest Basket braised potatoes , 150g portion (box is 500g), 4ppts

    Choc Kimberley 3pp
    Can of cream of chicken soup 6pp
    Tesco healthy living rashers 1pp each
    Aldi's bacon medalions are 2pp for 3

    Big als spicy chicken grill 5ppts
    Aunt bessies great with chicken yorkshire puddings 1ppt each
    Tesco value bagels 6ppts each
    Manhatten popcorn 30g bag pp4
    dunnes vegetable spring rolls from chilled aisle 100g/2 rolls pp4
    sunny south tuna chunks in brine 56g drained pp1
    irish pride healthy grain baps per 70g bap pp5
    Rankin irish whole whea tsoda bread per 40g pp3
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    Wow that is a really useful list x

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    WW for dummies?

    How many propoints are we allowed a lose lots of weight....sorry but im new to this...thanx

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    It depends on your age hight and weight I'm 33 5ft4in and weigh 15st my pro point daily allowance is 31

    2/1/14. 15st 2lb

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    Hi im 15.3 and 4ft 11 would I be on 29 pp . Sorry to be a bother I use to do it along time ago but wasn't sure if it had changed thanks xxx

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