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    21st March, 2014
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    Diet: Slimming World
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    Goal Date: 22 November 2014

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    My name is Allexmarie and I live in Kent, England. Growing up I was always a healthy weight, but the past 15 years of so has seen my weight rise. I have tried many diets, but seem not to have the will-power to stick to them, even when I start to see the pounds come off. I think that this has had a lot to do with how I have felt about myself inside. This of course is something I have begun to work on. I have just booked a holiday for the end of November to a resort called Beruwala in Sri Lanka, so today I start my weight loss journey again. I hope to lose 59 pounds in 245 days and to maintain that weight thereafter. That is my aim, but any loss will be better than staying and maintaining (or putting on) where I am at currently. I will be following the Slimming World eating plan, but will not be attending the classes as the money I would be spending each week to attend will be put instead to spending money for my holiday.

    I am really glad that I happened upon this site, where I hope to be able to make new friends who are or have been on a weight loss journey. I hope to be able to support you, and receive support also.

    I wish you all well on your individual journeys. Have a great weekend

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    4th September, 2012
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    Height: 5ft7in
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    Goal Weight: 11st3lb

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 27.9
    Current BMI: 27.1
    Goal BMI: 24.6

    Total Weight Loss: 0st5lb
    Weight to Lose: 1st2lb
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    Hi allex and welcome to the forum
    Like you I've tried diets in the past and always put the weight back on ( and sometimes more :-( )
    I've done slimming world successfully before but slimfast this time. I'm on my 2nd week so only started myself
    I'm sure your holiday will give you lots of motivation to do this.
    Good luck x

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