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Thread: Sorry need a little rant...

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    Sorry need a little rant...

    Hello I am just so annoyed at my body! At the moment I am in between sizes, size 14 jeans are too tight (still get the button done, but uncomfy) and size 16s are too baggy for me (round the waist feels a lot more comfy but everywhere else too big) I can't even wear jeans now! I have maybe 2pairs but there are so unbearable too wear, so I live In leggings now! also I am going on holiday at the end of June and I am dreading it because of my body ( going to ibiza were everyone will be on bikinis), after having my baby I have been left with a saggy belly so hard to find clothes to hide/flatter this, any tips? :/ don't even know if I will be able to wear shorts either with the whole in between size thing and belly! sorry everyone lol x

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    Have you thought about wearing dresses or skirt & tops on holiday?

    Leggings are ok for this weather,

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    Have you tried Jeans on it different stores and in different styles? You might find a pair that are comfy as different brands have a different cut and are all slightly different sizes. I wouldn't give up, I would shop around till you find something that fits.
    I'm sure by the time you go on holiday you'll have lost more weight and will find something that you feel comfortable wearing. You could try some exercises that target the areas you're not happy with.
    I've had 3 c-sections and I've a jelly belly but I've accepted it will never be they way I want it and my 3 kids were worth it
    Good luck, I hope you find a solution x

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