Lydia's exante far.


Lydia x
So yesterday I started week seven of my exante.
As of weigh in 6 I was down 23 lbs and 24.5 inches off my body.

I've also got into size 14s last week I started at 18. So very happy overall. Feeling great.

I have had 3 weekend blips (straight whiskeys and meat and veg not really any carbs if I could help it), but I've not let it throw me off the plan completely I just continued as usual the day after said blips 😁

I am currently doing intermittent fasting along with exante ts (3 products) so I have 3 coffees with stevia during the day and ear my first product at 6pm and my last at 11pm. I have been lifting weights for a couple of years so I decided to do intermittent fasting as to maintain muscle mass. (Human growth hormone is increased during fasting and helps maintain lean muscle).
I am currently 24% body fat I would like to get into the teens before the end of my 12 weeks.
5 weeks to go. I will then eat nutritional ketosis with intermittent fasting and the odd cheat day thrown once a month.

So my stats are as follows....

Start of week one :
Weight 17stone 3lbs
Waist 40 inches
Belly 47 inches
Hips 49 inches
Body fat 31%
Bmi 38

Week 1 loss -10lbs
-4.5 inches

Week 2 loss -4lbs

Week 3 loss -0lbs

Week 4 loss -4lbs

Week 5 loss -2.5lbs

Week 6 loss -2.5lbs
Current stats
Waist 35inches
Belly 41inches
Hips 44inches
Body fat 24%
Bmi 34

I've been measuring arms , calf, thighs and wrist too but I think this post is long enough so didn't add them in 😁😁😁

Oh I am 5foot 7inches and 33 years old with 3 children ranging from 2 to 16 years old.

Been relatively fit my adult life, but just like food alot more than I like training 😂

Goal is to get to 12st 7lbs
Have a bmi of roughly 27 (not that i believe In the ridiculous bmi scale as we all have different muscle and fat mass and one measurement for all body types is ridiculous)

Hopefully my diary helps someone as I loved reading others stories along my way. I've attached a before and during pic.

Happy summer to all.

Let's get healthy and happy x

Lydia x


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You look amazing Lucy, I started at the same sort of weight and am about the same weight as you now but am 5 4 so you look a lot lighter, those 3 inches make a difference! Well done! xxx
Thanks so much Jacci x

Alot of your posts have helped to keep me going so thank you x

You are doing amazingly x
Beginning week 8 today.

Down 1st 13 lbs altogether.

Just tried on my "goal" jeans and they actually close. Not fitting comfortably yet but I'm super happy.

Let's see what week 8 brings x
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As of today, I've officially lost two stone 😍😍

Absolutely delighted. 2 stone in 8 weeks seemed untouchable when I began.

So glad I've kept going.

Bring on the next stone.

Head in away in August so wpuld like to have one more stone gone by then.
Ok so tonight I had an apple crumble custard, I added a tsp of cinnamon, and a tsp of stevia. And omg. It tasted likeq MDonalds apple pie. So so so good. Recommended ✌✌✌


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So today is day one of week ten.

I gained two lbs last week, we went away for the weekend and I had a full day off. Ate pizza, crisps, chocolate and a roast dinner.
I don't regret it because we enjoyed ourselves loads. I've been good all week and have my two lbs back down now, so week ten my goal is to lose 3 lbs and get into the 14s.
I have a wedding in 4 weeks so gonna continue in total solution until then.
I'm hoping in 4 weeks to have at least another 10 lbs off so fingers crossed.

I'm feeling great. All my size 16s are too big I'm in 14s (uk) in everything now. I can wake up and throw on jeans and a vest and feel good. Summer this year is not gonna be so bad, because I feel so good.

Hope everyone else is going good xx

Happy Tuesday x


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Well done. I did another VLCD a few years ago and did well but my husband got sick and was been treated 70 miles away so with work and travelling and not getting home till 10pm I started eating fast food. Husband is all clear now and I need to start again. On my fourth day, not finding it as easy as last time
Thank you x

Good to hear he is all clear x

At the start when i was struggling I used to get a head of celery and fry it up (using water not oil) with 2 cloves of garlic and a chicken stock cube and have it with my main meal. It's filling and low in carbs and cals and really tasty.
I'd also have a can of coke zero on the says I felt most hungry.
And a cup of bovril some days too.

I found adding these little bits made it feel so much easier.
I'm starting week 11 today, last week was a struggle so I'm gonna add the celery to my week again.

Just take it one day at a time and once the 2nd week has passed it should get easier x
Thanks. Love celery
Day 3 of week 11, back into ketosis after my blips.
Feeling super good. Training most days and walking 30 mins every day.
22 days to go until the wedding and I would like another 10 lbs gone.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Happy hump day 👌


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Week 13

14st 11lbs.

Been eating keto since week 11, finished with exante now but still losing steadily.

Honestly I'm amazed im able to say ive lost almost 2 and a half stone in 13 weeks.

Thank you all on here for words of advice and support.

I have another two stone to go before next year so I'll be sticking around for advice x

Happy Friday all x


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Lydia, what's the stuff with the colour chart in your photo from 3 July? Is that something which can measure how far into ketosis you are? Do you have any links or info on that product please? I'm tempted to get some myself.
Yep they are called "ketostix" you pee on them and they tell you the level of ketones in your urine. The darker the better.

You can buy them in boots and most pharmacists.
Well today marks the start of week 14 for my weight loss journey.
I am two and a half stone lighter and 31 inches have gone from my frame.

About to go lift some weights in this heat 😫😫😱

This week and next week I am eating a carnivore based diet, meat and animal products (cheese, cream, eggs, fats)

I'm heading away August 8th so I will take 4 planned days off then, mainly eating seafood as we are going to a port town.

Feeling super good. So glad I started this for myself.

Anyone who is thinking about trying vlcd I would highly recommend xante.

Happy Tuesday all x
Brilliant progress. Glad there'll be another carnivore on here. I eat some salad and avocados, too. I'm also delaying when I first eat - so have a variable period when I eat. Usually 4-6 hours. I find the protein and fats let me do that. I'm amazed!

Enjoy yr holiday.