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Thread: Struggling to use all Healthy Extras and Syns while Breastfeeding?

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    Struggling to use all Healthy Extras and Syns while Breastfeeding?

    I have done SW before to lose weight after having my son 3 years ago and found it really easy to follow. I am now back after having my daughter 7 weeks ago but this time I'm breastfeeding and am worried about using all the extras as well as trying to get the full 15 Syns in. It just seems like a lot and I feel I would be eating just to use them rather than being hungry.

    Anyone else find this? I am using twice as much milk on my cereal just to use two A choices lol.


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    I'm just going to trust it for a week and see how it goes.

    Breastfeeding a baby can use upto 500calories per day.
    3 extra healthy extras is no more than 300 calories.

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    I am the same, really struggling to have the extra healthy extras and the syns. Little one is just under 4 weeks and back on Sw for one week so far x

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    My baby is older and on solids now, but weight loss is going very well and I use my HA and HB that is recommended do struggle a bit with syns not eating junk so try and use them in my meals so that is working so far

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