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  1. S

    Exante - Day 1

    Hi Everyone! I am on Day 1 of the Exante diet. I will be having 3 meal replacement shakes a day every day for two weeks. I then go away for a week and will be back on track when I get back. I am just making a daily diary to keep me on track and write my thoughts down every day to help me stay...
  2. T

    14lb down for Xmas - My diary

    Hey everyone complete newbie but excited to share my journey with like minded serial slimmers :) So 7 weeks until xmas 2021 and as with every year I would love to be able to look back and think I did it this year! So today I have started the exante plan. I am currently planning on using 3...
  3. sweetenuff77

    Looking for a buddy

    Hi all, am new to this forum and although I have done Exante before, this time I am struggling to even start! If anyone is also in this situation and would like a buddy pls just let me know!
  4. sweetenuff77

    Anybody looking for a diet buddy?

    Hi all 👋🏻 I am not new to this forum though not the diet but, it has been a very long time and am seriously struggling to even get through a single day! I am usually not so bothered after a week just that, this time round I cannot get it going. Then I inevitably binge and try again grr! So...
  5. S

    Exante Day 1.

    So I've been able to stick to my Exante plan today. Breakfast; banana shake. Lunch; Red Thai Soup Dinner; Curry I did add 100g of steamed broccoli. Supper; Peanut butter bar. I've had lots of water today and don't feel too bad. Also on my fitness Pal it has logged my Fitbit steps 9703 so far...
  6. S

    Exante - My Way

    I have tried exante in the past and although I know it can stick to it and works. It doesn’t fit in with my life. I have 2 children under two and that evening meal is important. We need to eat together as a family to establish a good routine, teach my kids about the importance of healthy eating...
  7. Alsay

    VLCD inducing a period after not having period for a long time???

    I have had very irregular periods over the last few years with my steady and fast weight gain and they stopped a few months ago. Is it just a coincidence that my period started 5 days into my VLCD? There hasn't been any significant weight loss...but has anyone had any menstrual changes when...
  8. Alsay

    Exante Total Solution

    Day 1 here I go 😁 I am staying with my parents for the next week, so I've brought along a mixture of different exante shakes. All I have to do is pick 3 each day. Every 7 days or so I'm planning on logging my weight loss in kilos on here. Let's do this!!
  9. M

    Anybody else struggling to keep the shakes down?

    Hiya Guys, Brand new, first day, first shake - got half way through and the thing came back up in it's entirety, I was sipping it slow but with every sip I just got more and more gipping, I'm not sick and I don't feel sick. I've struggled with shakes before but I can't tell if it's the...
  10. Muso_Girl

    Total Solution 2nd Attempt for Goal Weight!

    Hello MiniMins! I started the Exante TS in January 2015 and despite a few mishaps here and there, I went from 15 stone to 12 stone and was pretty pleased with that! I'll be honest, I didn't stick to it 100% and I know that in the four months that I was on the diet, I could have lost another...
  11. Quirky_Candy

    Does anyone pre-make their hot meals at home and eat them many hours later?

    I kind of want to keep the diet completely secret as everyone in the office has a ***ing opinion of anything anyone does, or doesn't do. Feel like if they get a whiff of me bettering myself they'll tear me down. So does anyone make up their hot meals at home like in the morning and eat them at...
  12. May45

    Week 2

    3 lbs this week. Not as much as first week but keeping the faith and sticking to 100% total solution... Had hoped for more, but staying positive.... 3lbs off is better than on !!!
  13. May45

    Monday weigh in

    Just completed my 1st week on Total Solution and was amazed to see I lost 9lbs!!!!!! It's been really hard some days and others have been a breeze. Loving the variety of products available and I think that is really helping. Even more focused for week 2 Anyone else out there weighing in on...
  14. S

    Total Solution and..the journey begins..again.

    Hi All! Brand new here, so, I'm gonna put myself out there and tell you my goals, what's happened and various other bits. My story has many ups and downs, but, I hope it can help inspire and also support me! I'm 30. A male. I am 6ft 2 and I weigh, whilst writing this, a whopping, 24 stone 1.6...