Day 1 here I go 😁

I am staying with my parents for the next week, so I've brought along a mixture of different exante shakes. All I have to do is pick 3 each day.

Every 7 days or so I'm planning on logging my weight loss in kilos on here.

Let's do this!!
Day 2 has begun :)
Yesterday was a little bit hard - no snacking is hard 😅 but I managed
Everytime I felt like having a snack I drank water
I am 0.7kg down this morning from yesterday morning...soooo I feel happy 😊
Also we are going to Bournemouth this afternoon and driving back tomorrow....I will take some bottles of water and sachets of shakes in the I won't be weighing myself until Saturday morning
Great weightloss so far Isis! I'm on day 5 of my first try of a vlcd today. Exante shakes are all delicious so far and hunger is not a problem (massive surprise for me!) It be good to hear more about everyones experiences on exante 👍🏻
Keep going . Today I'm hungry and could eat anything but I've got a flavoured water by my side to keep me going. Might b an early tea though x
I'm going to be completely honest and say I had some salad for lunch as my mum hasn't taken it well that I decided to start my diet the day before our easter "trip" to Bournemouth and Swindon 😅 even though it hasn't been any fun with all the bloody rain and we've been walking about in doors or sitting in cafes and restaurants
I may have to have another salad for dinner at the restaurant we're going to tonight, as "drinking that shake or just water [at a restaurant] is not acceptable" in her opinion. She didn't even accept just having a glass of water while everyone had a meal - so salad it was.
Once we're back home tomorrow morning I'll be back on 3 shakes a day.

I've found chocolate mint and chocolate orange are my favourite. The banana and strawberry ones are nice too, but I might just buy a box of nesquik and add 1-2 teaspoons for flavour as they can be quite bland (I know we're not meant to, but i think for me to encourage myself to stick to it I need more flavour)
The black forest mocha martini was yum
But the irish cream was horrendous!!
I nibbled a cookie and cream bar and ended up throwing them all away (I had bought 6) - I couldn't stand the bitter aftertaste......I think I'll stick to shakes for the next few months😆

Also flavoured water is my new best friend - I know it's not like having normal water, but I think sometimes drinking it when you get tired of the blandness of water should be ok.
Poor u and how brave to start before u went. I hope u have had a nice Break.
I'm not going away but am eating out on Saturday and Sunday so it's going to b really hard. Good job weigh day is in the morning tomorrow😃
I love the cookie and cream bar they are one of my favourites.
I have just started using the flavoured water and yes it's nice. As I'm feeling so cold I think I'm going to try a hot one later. Enjoy the rest of the Easter weekend x les
Maybe I'm just sensitive to the flavours 😕
I just couldn't tolerate more than a small nibble from the bar
I did think that maybe I made a mistake starting now as I was sorting the Easter eggs for the kids... I can just imagine what my mom would think about me 'surviving on shakes'- I feel your pain!
How has everyone else found the hunger? I'm waiting for it to knock me sideways so much so that I keep thinking something's wrong because it hasn't! (I'm an over thinker) I'm not in ketosis (according to the sticks I got from eBay) do you think this will mean im burning muscle rather than fat?
I have been going since the 13th March. I do four pkts a day but my weekends are always eating out I'm afraid. I have lost 6lb in two weeks tomorrow is weigh day. I don't worry how long it takes me as I take one day at a time. Some people may think I do it wrong but I stay positive I feel I still have to live my life . My aim is to try and lose two stone x
can i join in ?? i am on day 5 and doing great today i seem to have lots of energy. Im on 3 shakes a day i like what iv had so far. How do i know if im in keto iv been feeling ok since start. got my 1st weigh in on monday. Need to loose 2 st in total.
hows everyone else getting along....
Of course you can!
Well done 😀 Every day completed is a day closer to your goal.
There are a lot of descriptions online about various symptoms of ketosis - it also can vary from person to person. I've only knowingly been in ketosis once on a water fast last year.
Ketosis symptoms can include (and aren't limited to): nausea, feeling tired more easily (fatigue), breath smells, headaches, mood swings, more trips to the toilet, weight loss.
After a while they can change/lessen/go away I think - not sure what it's like on a vlcd tbh. I'll hopefully to find out soon 😆