gluten free

  1. H

    How many syns?

    Hello, I was wondering if anybody could please tell me how many syns is 1 cookie from the free from gluten, wheat & milk chocolate chip cookie range at Tesco? I have recently started doing Slimming World on my own and I can't seem to find anywhere how many syns there are. Thankyou :)
  2. C

    Need tips on gluten free, no bake recipes

    I really need help. I need tips for syn free, no bake, gluten free recipes. Basically I want tips for syn free or really low syn meals I can throw together quickly that will fill me up, not need cooking or reheating (as my microwave is broken). I don't care how boring the recipes might be as...
  3. Chantel

    Gluten Free Pasta

    Hi can any one help me. Is gluten free pasta syn free or will I need to syn pasta.
  4. M

    Syn free pizza - hexb wrap help!

    Hello I am really sorry if this is a silly question, but I would love to make the tortilla pizzas tonight, using big hexa and hexb allowances. I'm gluten free, but the handbook only lists better wraps - am I able to use any gf wrap or need to work out the syns? Thanks so much in advance! Laura
  5. CrazyMoo

    BeFree Wraps

    Hi, I know you are able to count 1 BeFree wrap as your HexB but what if you wanted to syn it.....How many syns would 1 of the regular BeFree wraps be... ...Does anyone know?? Thanks in advance, SHELL!! :eating:
  6. Blessings

    Gluten Free Bread on No Count

    Hi, please can someone help me with the no count plan. I can see that calorie controlled brown bread, crumpets, sandwich thins are all on the no count bakery list. But does this include any gluten free options? Does gluten free bread make this list? If so, is there a particular brand that works...
  7. C

    Back to loose for the last time.

    Greetings all. Conor here. I am back to give this weight loss a serious go. Today I move out of my home of 24 years, almost half my life. I got Divorced earlier this year, so finally it is MY TIME, to put me first for a change. I was on here a number of years ago and I found the support and...
  8. S

    Extra Easy Egg/Dairy/Gluten free Slimming World Diary arghhhh

    The title makes me want to scream!!!!!!! I have been having skin troubles for a while (15 years, so half my life) and the Dr suggested it could be a food intolerance. I've always thought I've had a dairy sensitivity just by how I feel after I have milk at breakfast but never followed it through...