1. Bean An Tí

    SW Challenge 8 week Easter Countdown

    Hey Everyone, Leading over from our January Challenge who would like to join this Easter thread? @Ravenous @Susienoz @Not-Yet-Figured @debbie12slim @purpleorc I'll start and you just copy paste and fill yourself in Bean an Tí - 0lbs/10lbs Bean an Tí
  2. newlou

    Excited to be changing my life.

    I had a rough upbringing and early adulthood. I left school aged 13, had no qualifications. By 17 I lived in a scruffy bedsit and was on jobs seekers, at 19 I was a single parent in a 2-bed council house that I couldn't afford to decorate or carpet. I racked up debt like you wouldn't believe. I...
  3. S

    A personal account of my SW journey

    It's about time I started being honest with myself, and facing facts that my lifestyle and eating habits are not a long term plan. I'm coming to an age where reversing the negative affects of my decadent choices will be harder and harder, and I know the time to act is now. I'm not a total SW...
  4. Finickity

    Help needed - how do you set your targets?

    I have no idea how to go about setting targets! I have one target so far, which is hit a BMI of 35 (I'm hoping this will be the point at which I can be referred for diagnosis/treatment by my doctor) but I have no idea what a reasonable time frame for this would be! I'm at 41.3 now, but I...
  5. Mini

    Step 1 Sole Source Australia Discovers Cambridge Weight Plan!

    Looks like from this article on the link below, that it is only now that Australia has discovered the Cambridge Weight Plan... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3625823/New-Australian-diet-craze-called-dangerous-medical-professionals-lead-pregnancy.html Not sure if this article is being...
  6. Murphtang

    My last weightloss "journey"

    I'm done losing weight and dieting. I've been doing it for nearly 14 years, and now all I am is fat. So, I'm doing slimming world, and I'm changing the way I look at food. And I am NOT going to fail again. Okay, okay, so I'm two days into my lifestyle change, but I feel amazing. I started...
  7. F

    Mini goal - weight loss for the new year 2016!

    Hi! I am so excited to be back on mininmins now it is back up! Anyone got any mini goals for the start of 2016? Share them here and lets support each other to get there? I'd like to lose 4.5 lbs by then and get my 5 stone award...that would be amazing... if I do that I will also be a healthy...