1. M

    Protein Powder Syn Values

    Hi all I can see there are a few threads about using protein powder but do not include the contents of the powders so the powders were fully syn'd! I would really appreciate if someone much cleverer than me could calculate how many syns are in the following powders: BULK POWDERS CHOCOLATE WHEY...
  2. S

    Protein on slimming world

    hi, I started slimming world recently but I also do weightlifting to build muscle. Wondered if anyone know any protein shakes/ bars that are low sun so I can build muscle as well. Thanks !
  3. Klcx

    Target weeks grace question, please help :)

    hi, So I've been doing slimming world 2 years and got my target on the 2nd June at a visiting group :) was so pleased with over 4 stone gone! I decided to join the gym as I'd done some classes before and missed doing them, strange i know! So if started going 2-3 times a week ranging from...
  4. StillTryingJoJo

    Filling and Healthy *Enter catchy weight loss tag line here

    Hey Everyone, it's been a while since I was last here.. A lot has changed and a lot hasn't! I'm here for the same reason as everyone, to lose some weight. I have set myself a target of a pound a week for the next 10 weeks. Starting on the week of my monthlies is prob a bad idea as I'm after...
  5. A

    Step2 810kcal Resisting Temptation

    ... So i am back! , after 2 years , a shitload of 'ill start a new diet tomorrow's ' , heavy drinking and eating complete crap , its time to sort my life out... At 24 years old and weighing in at 27t 2 i am my heaviest yet , but i guess if there is a plus point i am 6ft 4 which means i carry it...