new start

  1. Kob

    A 2021 Cambridge Story

    Today's the day. 1st February 2021. Time to hit the reset button on my relationship with eating. I'm the heaviest I've ever been. I'm constantly out of breath, I've a ruptured meniscus in my left knee, plantar fasciitis in my right foot and despite trying my damndest to own being a big girl, the...
  2. C

    Coco's diary - Day 1

    Hello! I'm yet another 'New Decade... New Year.... New Month.... New Week.... New Start' but this really needs to stop! I keep finding myself back in the same position each year, with the same resolution of losing weight, loving myself and feeling attractive enough to start searching for a...
  3. Suzieque

    Lipotrim- My story so far

    I had considered many diets to change my lifestyle, lose wieght and maintain that wieght. My issue was that I live to eat, not eat to live. If like me, you constantly thought about food but subconciously you had a chip on your shoulder about your weight and figure the only way is to cut it all...
  4. P

    Newbie needing advice!

    hi everyone, I've just signed up as I religiously stalk these pages and I know how good you all are at advice.... I joined slimming world last week as I'm hoping to lose over 3st to get back to my pre baby/babies weight lol going from 13st to 10 stone. However, I was eating healthy the week...
  5. Trinalouise

    Fresh start, again!

    Hi there, I have logged on tonight, ready for my fresh start, before I head off to join my local slimming world club later this evening. I have been here before, more than once, but on logging in I saw something I didn't expect to find. A post, from almost one year ago, entitled: 'New year, new...
  6. RunJKB

    22, 15 Stone and Bridesmaid to be...

    Hi All, I have decided to join Slimming World tonight at a local group. I am twenty-two, 15 stone and size 14-16. I live with my parents so food prep can be very difficult, can anybody give me tips on how to stay ahead or even any off the shelf free or low syn goodies you can recommend...
  7. R

    Hi Everyone! THis is My First time here!

    Hi! I am Ria, a new member and still figuring out the site. Hope this forum could help me motivate to stick on my diet plan and exercise. Nice to meet you all! :)
  8. joannelut

    A complete newbie

    Hello everyone, I am starting tomorrow, I have got a weeks trial pack and I am Looking forward to trying everything. I have a question or two - how do you know when you are in Ketosis ? And how much has everyone lost in total, I have around 60 lbs to loose in total - my daughter is getting...