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hi everyone, I've just signed up as I religiously stalk these pages and I know how good you all are at advice....

I joined slimming world last week as I'm hoping to lose over 3st to get back to my pre baby/babies weight lol going from 13st to 10 stone. However, I was eating healthy the week before I joined slimming world as I wanted to see if what it was like before I started spending my maternity allowance on a group. So lost about 6lbs now I've joined slimming world last WI , and first, was a meagre 0.5lb off now I'm worried this week I'm not going to lose anything at all....

Advice would be much appreciated thank you x
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Hi Peachy. and welcome. I think the first 6lbs is amazing, well done. I have no idea about SW but am sure someone will come along soon with words of wisdom for you.


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Have a look at speed food, my girlfriend is feeding me melon. She says it's speed i feel like I'm going to get melon-noma..... (Ok bad puns aside)

You should ask your sw consultant, along with your food diary. If she says your doing everything right then you need to have faith in the plan or scrutinize your food diary harder.


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As you had a big loss the week before you joined I'm guessing thats why you didn't have much off the first week of SW.
Stick at it and look at it over a month not week by week. We all know hormones can play apart in the ups and downs of weight loss. One day I can weigh 1lb heavier then the day before yet the third day I could of loss that 1lb.


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Well done on your loss so far. When I did SW I lost quite a bit in the first week and after that it was very much 1/2 lb - 2lbs loss a week...and the weeks when I had done really well I seemed to lose a little and the weeks I'd done badly I'd lost more! SW is defo not and instant fix IMO...which is's defo a long haul diet. And especially as you are on the lighter side already I would guess anything more than a pound a week on average would be an unhealthy amount to lose for someone of your size....stick at it & good luck! X