slimming world diary

  1. Theonyxsnake

    Oat flour

    Can anyone tell me if oat flour can be used instead of just porridge oats for your healthy b option? X
  2. Jonesmar

    HexA Almond milk Hexa?

    I have just found out that dark chocolate almond milk is no longer classed as HexA 😨 I wouldn't have my 2nd HexA without having a mug of this every night. Would it effect my weightloss if I carried on having this as my 2nd HexA? ❤️Thanks ❤️
  3. Cherene

    My Slimming World Jouney

    Hey everyone, This is my first post ever so I hope I’m doing it right! So I’ve been on Exante for the last 6 months, I started in April and lost 3 stones 10lbs. I decided I wanted to increase my activity and started going gym 4 times a week .. this was hindering my weight loss with Exante...
  4. SPE

    Extra Easy 85lbs to go!!!!

    Hello everyone!!! Pregnant slimming worlder here. Almost 23 weeks and feeling great. Had a 10lb pregnancy gain so far, most of that within the first 10 weeks. I controlled the morning sickness by eating, which may have been a mistake but morning sickness is a horrible feeling I only seemed to...
  5. Makinitcount

    Extra Easy Journey to the end of the yo-yo dieting!

    Hi So I'm brand new to this site. I've been battling with the same 3 stones for soooo many years and been on every diet invented...including slimming world a few times...but never managed to keep the weight off. Recently I've just not managed to shed the pounds at all and I think this is down to...
  6. whatkatiedid

    A student's guide to Slimming World

    So... I've done Slimming World many times now but I always struggle going to group, this didn't help when I was a few years younger and I put 1lb on, the person who weighed me laughed at me and made a sarcastic comment. That knocks a young girl's confidence. ANYWAY, I'm starting up my...
  7. SlimmingMyself_SW

    The Diary of Emotional Eating

    Hi, I though I would try & start a diary on here to help motivate myself & hopefully others. I am renewing my SW membership except this I am giving it a go from home. I have ordered a 12week diary so as soon as that arrives, It will be official. My main reason for putting on weight (4st7lbs) in...
  8. Jessica.xx

    SW: First Diary

    Hiii :) :) (Apologies if this has gone into the wrong section, I'm new to this forum and not 100% certain on how to work it) So it's my 3rd week of slimming world my target is to lose 19lbs and I've lost 5lbs so far. :) I've spent almost all my afternoon writing down every single syn value in...
  9. AmyVictoria

    Amy's Starting Again Diary!

    Hi Guys, So for all the usual reasons I of course fell off the wagon before. New House, New Job, ect. But I am so sick of being the fat one. I am going to pop my food diaries on here in the hopes that looking back on the bad days will help me stay motivated. If anyone does happen to read...