1. E

    New here vegan VLCD

    Hi, I’m new here will be starting Exante in the next day or so as soon as my products arrive. I lost a lot of weight with it years ago but alas I’m a serial yo yo dieter and am need of doing something drastic again. I might try the fast 800 diet shakes too as they look good and do some vegan...
  2. SamanthaDee

    Hello from Hampshire!

    Hello! My name is Samantha and I'm really happy to be here. I have been a life long dieter (inc WLS and almost dying on diet pills) until I took back control and responsibility. I'm 21kg down this past two years and have about the same to go. I've just started walking regularly (for...
  3. Kawaii_Vegan_Ness

    Vegan Eating Out

    Hi guys. Does anyone know any of the syns for the vegan options at Wagamama? Any other syns for vegan options feel free to pop below too! Much thanks
  4. S

    Syns Value ??

    HI Everyone , I follow a vegan lifestyle and was curious if anyone knows if nutritional yeast is a free food or has a syn value. Thank you
  5. R

    Pesky vegan syn question!

    Hey everyone. It's lovely to have finally signed up here instead of lurking as a guest! I've been doing SW for a few months and have reached my target weight, but....I really want to try some new products that I've spotted and wondered if someone would be kind enough to look them up for me? I...
  6. W

    Vegan Ben & Jerrys

    Hi! Just noticed Ben & Jerry's Dairy Free Peanut Butter And Cookies Ice Cream in Tesco, does anybody know the syns for this?:) thank you!
  7. Frenchie on a mission

    Get the right mind set to lose weight

    Hey peeps, I've uploaded a new video on Wednesday to share this week's weight loss and talk briefly about a topic which I think is super important when the goal is to lose weight! (or stop smoking, drinking et...) Hope you enjoy it! Comments if you have any questions, comments etc... and...
  8. Kawaii_Vegan_Ness

    Vegan Slimming World - The road to my Birthday!

    Hi guys, I've been following slimming world for around 6months now, and lurking on here for about the same time, and I've lost a stone (woop) this last 2 months has been super flat in terms of weight loss, I've been treating mylsef far too much!! so i thought i'd start a food diary on here, i...
  9. P

    Vegan Arthritic Maintainer. I hope my story helps someone.

    Hi. I'm a 36 year old woman with a hubbie, teenage daughter and several furry babies. I went veggie aged 13 and vegan at 26. I have lost weight with weight watchers several times BUT drumroll the new year I will have been at goal (quite a lot below actually) for a year. Which means...
  10. B

    Bubble's Vegan Slimming World ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Hello Everyone, So after the last 11/12 years of trying every diet/fad going I joined Slimming World last night. Seriously I have tried them all, slimfast, atkins, cambridge, weight watchers, i've skipped meals, only ate at certain times.... i'd lose weight but then put it right back on. Over...
  11. Kawaii_Vegan_Ness

    Vegan in the House

    Hi everyone, Been lurking on this site for a few years now, while i dipped my toes into the World of Slimming. I've been on slimming world for 12 weeks now, and just bought my next 12 week count down! Christmas here i come! I've been on a journey since the beginning of the year, to lose weight...
  12. Sheryl O'Brien

    Vegan Weight Watchers buddy?

    Hi all, I have just joined Weight Watchers and my first weigh in is on Tuesday. Just wondered if there are any vegan weight watchers around who would like to buddy up? We seem to be few and far between I have quite a lot lose...6 stone to be precise So it would be good to join someone else...
  13. healthyobsessions

    Newly Vegetarian

    Hi guys! Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong section... feel free to love this to the relevant place if need be. I have recently become vegetarian! Yay! But I am pretty clueless about veggie options/recipes and syn values... could any vegetarians give me some meal ideas/veggie products/syn values...
  14. kernowlass

    Green Day clives pies

    Hi Does anyone have the sun value for a leek and mushroom Clive's Pie? They are amazingly delicious, vegan and gluten free...and probably 100's of syns because they are totally fabulous. Thank you - enjoy the sun!
  15. S

    Extra Easy plateau help please

    started SW 1st march slowly lost 1 stone 5lbs then it stopped spent 6 weeks stay the same tried to vary meals a bit more concentrated more on speed food etc etc then i got fed up and although didn't go mad just didn't weigh and measure for a week and gained 1/2 lb fair enough, this week i am...
  16. Salbeer

    Vegan and SW?

    Hello, I'm very new to this site (joined tonight) and I'm also thinking of joining SW...however I'm not sure how easy it is to be on SW and vegan? Any advice gratefully received :confused::)