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Hello Everyone,

So after the last 11/12 years of trying every diet/fad going I joined Slimming World last night. Seriously I have tried them all, slimfast, atkins, cambridge, weight watchers, i've skipped meals, only ate at certain times.... i'd lose weight but then put it right back on.

Over the last couple of years my weight pattern would go like this:
  • Jan - Heavy due to christmas excess
  • Feb - Aug - Lose weight and get down to my prefered weight
  • Sep - All inclusive luxuary holiday where I would eat and drink whatever I wanted
  • Oct - Cry as i'd put 1.5 stone on :(
  • Nov - Dec - carry on eating whatever as i'm already big and will only put more weight on over christmas.
and repeat and repeat and repeat...

So i'm a 33 year old man and i've had enough. You'd think being vegan would mean i'm always eating fruits and vegetables - but there are a suprising number of rubbish vegan foods (Oreos any one?!).

So I decided to join Slimming World as some friends from work have had a great journey and kept the weight off . I need to sort my relationship with food. I know I eat when i'm low/upset so hopefully going to group will help with that.

I thought some people might be interested/have questions about what a vegan Slimming World journey looks like so thought i'd do some updates here?

Look forward to chatting!

Bubbles :)
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So I am loving it all so far - suprised by how much i can eat (I hope i lose weight though!) Sticking to it 100% so fingers crossed!

For breakfast each day i've been having 2x weetabix (HeB) and 200ml of Soy Milk (half of HeA - 400ml! too much for 2 weetabix!)

Loving sliming world chips - will be having them tonight again I think!
The Linda McCartney Rosemary and Onion sausages are free! i don't understand it but they are yummy so going with it!

Been having cous cous salads and lots of fruit throughout the day at work.

Carotts and cucumber with hummus is all good for me - 6 sins for little pot that i bought.

The best thing was being able to have a biscuit and not feel guilty.
It happened on friday i had two biscuits at work, in the past i'd have felt bad for doing it, written the whole day off and had pizza or something for dinner, said to myself "i'll start again on monday" and eaten rubbish all weekend! So glad you're allowed treats :)

Weigh in is on Wednesday - fingers crossed!
Heya, yes it definitely does help keep you motivated, the shame of stepping on the scales in front of someone and having it read out shocks me into not eating crisps and drinking beer haha!

I lost 4lbs in my first WI, which I am happy about. Aim to lose another 2lbs this week
OK so the plan today was to go to the pub on my lunch break - i'd looked over the menu and found the best vegan & slimming worl option, a few syns but why not.

...anyway, got there and there was an hour wait for food (half term!) so ended up just having a diet soft drink. Is it bad that the first thing i thought was - oh well, means i can use the sysns on a vodka or two later? lol :)
I'm a veggie so I know what it like having to look at menus and decide not only what good options they have for not eating meat but also on plan!

Haha no that isn't bad, it is all about saving them for treats. Especially drink! I was saying on my diary earlier today, that I am saving mine up for the weekend where I have my SIL 40th b'day party.
Well done in a fabulous first WI!

Veggie here too and allergic to mushrooms/quorn so makes eating out interesting especially now with trying to eat on plan too. I too would have celebrated more syns for something else, I don't drink much but I have a crunchie addiction so unexpected spare syns are used on them instead :D
9lbs is amazing, well done! :D
Thanks guys, really pleased.

I always lose a lot when i start a diet - usually around 7 pounds so it was a nice suprise.

We had a stand in consultant as ours is on holiday and she was trying to get me to go for 5 pounds this week! :eek: I'd be happy with 3 or 4 :)
3 or 4 is more realistic, but if you do 5 it is an added bonus. I think you do lose more in your first few weeks, but it is healthier to lose slowly as it is more likely to stay off. Although it can be frustrating when it is slow and if you're like me, I am impatient and want it to just come off once I've eaten a salad haha