1. B

    Vue cinema Recliner chairs - will i fit?

    Hey, So I know this is super specific but I'm wondering if anyone can help. I've been invited to the cinema and I havnt been in 6 years. Although I was a similar weight back then I can't remember 100%. But anyway I'm a bit anxious. I'm going to the vue cinema (one which has recently replaced...
  2. dreamingthin19


    Im holly, i just joined there's nothing really interesting to say about myself other than the fact that I've had over 3 eating disorders in the past at different times and after recovering from anorexia and then I got realllll big and I'm trying to lose it again. For some reason though the...
  3. Lena12345

    moving on from total solution

    So I’ve been on total solution exante since 20th May and I’ve lost 2 stone 6 pounds in this time. I’m slowly beginning to miss the social side of drinking and simply going out for dinner with friends. A lot of friends and family have asked me to go for a meal and have a few drinks this weekend...
  4. Sweet2Def

    June 2018 - My LT Diary

    I thought I should begin another thread, a bit more up to date for anybody thinking of beginning the diet this month. I start on 8th June (payday), and because I have done the diet before and recall how horrendous the first three days were., I'm preparing my body leading up to this by slowly...
  5. Jodieboo

    Diary of a Disheartened Slimmer - round 2!

    Hey everyone. Thought it would be best to make myself a new diary. Finally back following the Slimming World plan after faffing around for nearly a year. This time last year, I was referred to Weight Watchers via my GP. I did that for 12 weeks and lost half a stone. But I just couldn't get on...
  6. A

    Step2 810kcal Resisting Temptation

    ... So i am back! , after 2 years , a shitload of 'ill start a new diet tomorrow's ' , heavy drinking and eating complete crap , its time to sort my life out... At 24 years old and weighing in at 27t 2 i am my heaviest yet , but i guess if there is a plus point i am 6ft 4 which means i carry it...
  7. Pierce

    Stats under my Avatar

    As you may remember the old site had the weight statistics under your avatar. These are still are under your avatar but you just have to click/tap on it. If you tap on mine you should get a picture similar to the one attached to this thread.