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£1 for a pound

My Mum came up with an idea yesterday... I've just started Slimming World and she said to put £1 in a jar for every pound I loose. So when I reach my target weight i'll have enough in the jar to buy my new self a new outfit :D

so far I have £6.50 in there

Probably isn't an original idea but I thought it was a rather good one and just wanted to share it with you all :)
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Hey Cocoafiend what a great idea, I have done the same :)
I got £4 in my jar for this week, thank you and who knows we get to buy new outfits & a smaller size too ;-)


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No, fab idea I think, well done & good luck xx
Clothes are so expensive nowadays, so therefore need plenty of £££££s x


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Fab idea, I've just started saving £2 coins as well for my new clothes so that would go nicely with it. I'll have to find £13 now!!
I'm being slightly different, I have Bad Wednesday's I have a bit of a blow out after weigh in. So I am saving £2 a day of treat money so on Wednesday I will have £14 I live next to Asda, so a DVD £3 a new top £5 and a tub of Ben & Jerry's heaven :)
ooh that's a good idea! I also get weighed on a wednesday (not that the day of the week matters lol), but I always just wanna binge and mong out for the evening afterwards...
I wanted to do this but as I only have 45 pound a week it was a little impossible but when i start working I will do it and add in the £'s owed
What a FAB idea! That is £10 going in a jar! Excellent :D I have told my boyfriend he can put a £1 in also as he moans about me being fat LOL!
Pickle87? Cheeky question, are you a man or a really really tall woman? :eek:
Lol I'm a 22 year old female hun. Just happen to be tall. Get it off me dad cos rest of my family, men included are under 5ft7 lol.
This is an EXCELLENT idea. However, I don't think I've got £44 spare at the moment, so I might just start adding a £ every time I lose from now on. I've got at least 50lb left to lose, which could go part-way towards something nice. My Mum will probably be kind enough to give the rest. :D


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Hey I mentioned this idea to my boyfriend, who is going to 'sponsor' me too haha, so for every £1 I put in, he is going to put £2 in cause he knows how much loosing some weight means to me :) I might mention it to my mum, maybe she will 'sponsor' me too LMAO..........now thats just greed isnt it haha x
Sounds like a good idea but i dont think my mum or bf are going to go for it....worth a try tho!

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