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1-2-3-RANT.... sorry!


Guess who's back...?

Well, I've followed the dentist's advice and I am taking both sets of antibiotics together. It made me feel rough yesterday so my LLC told me to eat a bit of plain protein.

Off I went to Scummerfield and bought a packed of sliced chicken and a packed of sliced ham to see me through the 5 day course. I finished them yesterday. Doh! Have decided I'm probably not ready to eat anything and am going to stick out the last 4 days of pills on foodpacks only. My compulsion to keep eating was quite scary.

My LLC said it wouldn't affect the diet too much, but not to expect any losses this week - due to antibio's, eating etc. GRRR! I only lost 2lbs last week and was really hoping for a good'un this week - then THIS. ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Just needed to vent really. The last couple of weeks seem to have really slowed down and I'm no longer on course for my second stone in the second month - I hope, hope, hope it catches up - I am just starting to feel like this is going to take aaaaaaaaages.

I was pretty happy last week, despite losing only 2lbs - cos I had broken my 10% of body weight goal. I then looked it up on google to learn the benefits of losing 10%... and there are loads! BUT it also said that people usually hit their wall after losing 10% and struggle to lose anymore. I know with LL this isn't the case, but it's just all happened at that point and I'm worried that it won't build momentum again.

I am talking poo. Sorry guys... just feeling a bit sh*t and needed to get it all out.


A pretty miserable, and slighty nauseous, hurty-toothy Anna :cry:
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I thought I was the most miserable, pessamistic person on here...it seems like you're catching me up!

You ARE losing weight and if you have to take antibiotics, then you have to take them. If that means eating a bit of food then that's what you have to do. It's not like it's going to be a long term thing is it? :D

You might not lose this week, but you'll soon be back on the wagon and catching up with it.

Don't feel so down - it's fine to have a rant, but don't feel like it's all for nothing.

You will soon be shiny toothed, smiling and shedding even more pounds! :p



Guess who's back...?
Awww thanks guys - just had a moment...:blahblah:

I'm ok... looking forward and determined to kick all this into touch :gen144: - I just think the 'grrr' from last week's loss coupled with a sore tooth, hardcore drugs (lol) and the knowledge that I probably won't lose any more for a while really got me down.

What is it they say on those cheesy American chat shows??

Sorry again for the rant... it's out now... phew!

Anna x
:whoopass: (<< not relevant, but makes me giggle!)
Hi Anna ,i know how u feel, i have been taking antibiotics too and i wont say how many painkillers, actually will be too many to count and shocking.
This probably has not helped my losses either and i am not banking on a loss next week because of this. I also have had totm twice in 2 weeks. For some unknown reason!

Keep plodding on! It will come to an end and then your weight loss will start dropping again.
Aw Anna,,,bless you. Sorry its such a rough time for you. :( Sending healing vibes your way. :)

Don;t let the pain and discomfort of your toothache cloud your reasoning with LL ;) You are doing fab, and yes - the losses all catch up :) and yes, you will be slim :)

Sometimes we spend so much time looking at the end - when we hit a bump in the road we look where we are at and it can feel disheartening. But - that end is in site, and thats the important thing to remember - just don;t spend to much time focusing on that - be present in the 'now' and concentrate on all your triumps, big and small - which all do add up.

GLad you are feeling better now anyway but wanted to add my two penneth. :)


My favourite motivational line comes from Finding Nemo....

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming

I met my birth mother when I was 33 years old. It was quite something. Anyway - did not take me long to realise she is a complete and utter (lovely) nutjob. :D

When I saw Finding Nemo, and met Dora - my husband and I looked at each other and bust out laughing and said, "Oh my god - its LINDA!" at the same time!! :rotflmao:

So - in a way, that makes me a descendant of Dora! :D (That - is an example of how my husband dubbed me "Blonde Logic") :D

OK - back to the business at hand.... :D

Hope you are feeling brighter Anna. :)



Guess who's back...?
Hahahahaha - thanks BL... feel much better now... I'm lying under a tap, filling myself up with water* in an effort to flush all this nastiness out of my system and get on for a loss of some description on Sunday... I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED!

*By sat under a tap filling myself with water - I actually mean - sat at my desk, sipping a glass of water - me? Exaggerate? Naaaahhh...

Anyway - thanks to you all for your kind kicks up the ass - appreciate it!! :D

Me x

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