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1/2 and 1/2


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Good evening ladies - just a quick question.

As most of you will know I've had a gastric bypass and sometimes I'm not able to finish a full meal so I've started eating half then an hour or so later have the other half.

What I wondering if this is a bad habit and will it lead to me eating more than I should - I mean if I can't eat it should I then throw the rest away and wait till the next meal even if I'm feeling hungry that bit later or is this ok and a good way of making sure I'm getting enough good food to stop me wanting to eat bad stuff cause I'm hungry.
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I dont think this would be a problem hun. You are far better to eat a wholesome meal than be snacking on other things. It is fine to spend syns, but if you are only having half a meal, then eating the other half wouldnt be a problem i dont think. xx
It's actually better to eat smaller meals regularly throughout the day because every time you eat it speeds up your metabolism- like adding fuel to a fire. As long as you feel hungry when you eat the other half and aren't just eating it because you feel like you should finish a plate, then it's not a bad habit at all, it's giving your body what it needs when it needs it!

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Hi Hun,

Ive had a band fitted, so mine is reversable, but really works on the same principle.
I graze through the day on little things that I know arent going to cause me any blockages. I then have a "mushy" ish style tea that is probably the same quantity that I would give my 4 year old Daughter. This I find works for me, so although Im not eating the quantities that SW say you should have in order to get a loss, Im still eating healthily and not stretching my band. I do occasionally get it wrong and end up being ill, but I now have better control over my eating habits and patterns and I know what I can and cant get away with.
You just have to re-educate your portion size to suit you. If you feel full and there is still food left over on your plate, then dont put so much on in the first place. Have a small amount and then if you feel that you want more, go for a second helping rather than think about how much food there is over being a waste. (If there are left overs, have them the following day for lunch or tea, or freeze for those times when you are in a hurry).
PM me if you want more advice, Im only to happy to help!!

I don't have a gastric band but since starting SW I serve my main meal of the day (dinner) in two bowls.

I usually eat one bowlful and feel like I've had enough as i think quite a lot of satiety is psychological and also the mentality instilled in most of us that you must finish all the food on your plate. I think I am used to piling my plate out of fear of getting hungry later (as though being a piggy at dinner time is not as bad as being a piggy on snacks).

However, knowing I have another bowlful there in case I get hungry is GREAT because a) if I get hungry I can eat it guilt-free, and b) just 'knowing' i have it there stops the out of control emotional hunger that can make me pig out on an evening, and c) if I don't eat it I can pop it in a tub for my lunch the next day, saving me a job the next day :)

Seeing as your weight loss is going fantatically Alia I would not worry or feel like a piggy for having two bowlfuls of dinner 'cos I frequently do :) :)