1/3 of your plate?


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You see i struggle to eat a lot of veg. I put veg on my plate, but i tend to fit in superfree foods as fruit as a dessert after my meal instead.


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I think its sort of compulsory for EE to aid portion control, and advisable for Green and Red, Its obviously much healthier to fill up on veggies etc.
I do green 100% and since being on here, i do try to include more superfree in each meal. ( like i add celery and carrots and onions to things that i wouldnt have normally.


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It's not compulsory for red and green, but it is generally good practice so I usually try to include the 1/3 with my green day meals.


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When I follow red, I usually find about 2/3 of my plate are superfree without even trying!


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We dont go shopping till Monday so our veg is a bit limited at the moment but what I've been doing is making up a Super Speed soup at the beginning of each week and freezing loads of portions. I try and have at least one a day and so I know that even if adding it to a meal has been impractical, I'm still getting it in somewhere. :)
Just edited to say I do green/red days.


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I always do green and try to incorprate the third because although it's not 'compulsory' it's certainly best practice. I agree with Honey that being on here has made me more aware of its importance. When I did SW previously (before the days of EE) I stalled very quickly because I wasn't losing weight on my diet which was primarily rice, pasta, beans and potatoes. If you can include more superfree I'm sure you will benefit.


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When I'm on Red I fill about half my plate, but on Green I'm awful and not much is superfree if I'm honest, think that's why Green doesn't work very well for me! (Too many Mugshots, Pasta n Sauces, packets of rice and mash, quorn sausages and beans lol!!)