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1/3 superfree...

I don't follow the 1/3 SF on EE - you can see my losses in my sig.

Wacky Jacky

Size 10 in time for 2010!
I try to stick to the 1/3 superfree rule ..... or more than 1/3 ...... however, I know a lot of people at the groups I've gone to don't, and they still get good weightlosses! I wouldn't let it put me off having a one-off "FREE" snack, such as the king prawns though! You could maybe add some salad to the plate? ........ you've probably had them by now anyways? ....... Were they good? lol

Best o'luck'n'stuff!
I follow the s.f. rule as much as possible but not always. I think if you want the prawns, have them. If you don't it may build up into a big binge. They are free afterall. Eat and enjoy. As suggested, could you maybe add a bit of fruit or salad?


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I've found my losses have been better when have followed the 1/3 superfree rule when doing extra easy but I think this is probably as it limits the portions of the higher fat/calorie food so maybe its just common sense....something I obviously don't have much of when have got a plate and can add free red and green foods without superfree hogging some of the space :p
I do try as much as possible, but, if I'm honest, no, not all the time. As you can see from my signature, it's not been a problem so far... ;)

Becca Wecca

skinny minny here I come!
I don't bother with EE for that very reason, i tried it for a week and found it really difficult to stick to the 1/3 super free.
I don't generally find it difficult, only that some meals don't lend themselves to the 1/3 rule, such as chilli and rice. In those cases, I try to have a smaller portion than normal and eat fruit after :)


Lover of Extra Easy
I really don't think it matters if you don't do the 1/3 for every meal, as some meals don't suit the 1/3. I think, as long as you don't stuff yourself silly with carbs, you will be fine with the odd meal without the 1/3.
I find it really easy to stick with EE and the 1/3 superfree.. i have half a plate of salad with most things lol... Every meal I do have a huge bowl of salad/veg with.. I just ate some king prawns with noodles and a rocket salad :p:p
does savoury rice with loads of veg packed through it work for this?

tonight i am having thai sweet chilli rice that i fried for a few min to bring out the flavour then packed it full of veg, peppers, mushrooms, peas, sweetcorn,carrots, then put some square sausage into it intol 4 syns on extra easy!
Sounds very good too me.. and im sure you have your 3rd Superfree in there at least!

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