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1/3 superfree

It is better to have 1/3 even on a red or green day we just had that discussion at group last night and the consultant said yes they now advise it on all plans
Thanks. I ordered a jacket with a side salad, but the salad was quite small and came with sweetcorn (which I know is not supercede).

Next time I'll have a piece of fruit first. If I have it now I will feel like I am eating it for the sake of!!

Would that be okay?
yep that sounds fine if you feel like some fruit later then just have it then it is more to help speed up your weighloss but missing out 1/3 won't matter that much they just advise if your loss slows down to have it at meals to see difference, good luck x
Heck, didnt realise it's advised to have 1/3 superfree on red and green days now too. This is going to be a mission for me as I struggle to get 1/3 superfree with EE let alone red and green now too!
I feel really guilty if I don't have a third superfree on any meal plan now!! I think it's got so drummed into me that I should do it then I feel I have to.
I never realised they recommended it on all plans now though.
I didn't as I mostly follow EE with the odd green day thrown in or a red but our consultant brought it up as we have a few members from the red/green days and she was advising them on doing that as they still have old books so have not seen our new ones with the EE info and the 1/3 superfree bit

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