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1 day at a time.. Food Diary

Hi there, decided to start my own food and exercise diary for help and advice if anyone can help. I am not going to the groups mainly as I don't have the time so any guidance muchly appreciated.


2 x Alpen light bars (hexB), pear

6 Ryvita crackerbread (hexB), with 50g of light soft cheese and herbs (6 syns) 1 boiled egg, mullerlight and an apple

Chicken casserole, homemade with chicken stock cube, spices, carrot, sweetcorn, swede and turnip (all free I believe)

Tea - milk as HExA
Diet coke
1 can of carlsberg 440ml (8.5) syns

Days total
Syns 14.5

1 x 45 min fitness class
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Two slices of wholemeal bread (hexb) with low fat marg (1 syn) and bovril

Tomato and Basil Pasta n Sauce with 1 tbsp of light soft cheese with garlic and herbs on top (3 syns)
Mullerlight Yogurt

2 jackets potatoes with low fat marg (1 syn) with baked beans and low fat mozzarella (hexB)

Low calorie cup a soup (3 syns)

Tea - milk as (hexA)
2 quality sweets (5 syns)

Total syns for the day =
13 syns

2 x Alpen Light bars (HexB)

Jacket Potato with beans and cheese (Hexa) with butter (2 syns)
Grapes and an apple

Quorn sausages
New potatoes
Peas and carrots

KitKat (5.5 syns)

Diet coke
Tea (hexa) for milk

Total syns for day

45 mins fitness class

Weigh day tomorrow, was a Monday but have changed to a Friday morning so this will be difference from Monday

Fingers crossed x
Hi Dave,

Thanks for pointing that out. Is it absolute necessary to have both hexb?

Thanks for details on mugshots, is that any flavours?

Weigh in didnt go well today. STS, seemed to have reached a plateau even though I'd been pretty 100% and stayed with my syns. A friend of mine suggested sometimes when you've stuck to it religiously your body gets almost used to what your consuming and therefore doesn't burn fat, she has suggested that perhaps to have 1 day to eat pretty much what I like and then when I start back on sw the following day, your body gets confused by the fat content you had consumed the previous day and it kick starts you into fat burning again.

V.confused at the moment, I have also been told as I have started toning classes 3x 45 min sessions a week and a 2 mile run I need to be consuming more calories as if your calorie intake isn't enough and you are heavily exercising your body goes into 'starvation' mode and stores. As sw naturally controls your calories (without the need to count) I'm really not sure what I should be consuming. I normally lose 1lb-2lb a week but did lose 3 lbs a couple of weeks ago so don't know that the two weeks I have STS is just averaging out my loss, does this make sense? Any suggestions welcome?


I ♥ Slimming World :)

Yes you are meant to have two HEb's every day, and one or two HEa's depending what you fancy.

If you are doing Extra Easy you get only one of each though.

We also have the mugshots, and I tell you they are a syn free godsend! We have found two flavours of the syn free ones (on green days) they are the noodle ones as opposed to the pasta ones which have a couple of syns - sweet and sour, and chicken and mushroom I think they are.

Just check them out in Tesco or something you may find there are more. I prefer the sweet and sour one (orange pack) but the wife likes the others too (green pack).

As for your friends suggestion to eat pretty much what you like for a day, I would say to shoot her!! OMG!! Really really bad advice IMO, just follow the plan and you WILL lose weight.

It is true that exercising burns more calories of course, but so long as you're not starving yourself (which you won't be if following SW properly) you will be fine. You will just burn more calories, and ultimately lose more weight. You may find sometimes it stalls due to muscle buildup but that rarely lasts longer than a week or two, then you lose again. Fat burns off quicker around good muscles than it does around poor muscles. It all helps :)

I would make sure you are having at least ten of the 15 syns per day, and see how you go.

It would be great of course if we knew in advance if it was working but it is a leap of faith. SW works for me, and for my wife, and for my friends and colleagues who are on it. But you do need to stick to the plan.

All the best :)
Thank you that is so helpful. I'm going to have to try one of these mugshots they sound delicious.

Food diary......Red

2 x satsumas

Wholemeal roll (hexb) with chicken, lettuce, sweetcorn, mayonnaise (5 syns)
French Fries (4 syns)

Lean gammon steak, with swede and carrot mash, garden peas

Tea milk as (hexa)
Diet coke

Total syns for the day
9 syns

+ a few cheeky pints of carling after work any idea on syn values on pints - only seem to have 440ml measure. Think 440ml is about 0.77 pints. Have to mark these as a flexi syn day as had quite a few. Possibly as much as 50 syns worth (agh, :-( ) No point lying though might as well declare it. I'll limit myself to maximum of 5 syns for the next 5/6 days.


I ♥ Slimming World :)

Unless I am missing something, you have only 1 HEb again today.

And as for the pints of lager, I worked them out once to 10 syns per pint. Can't remember where I found that but I am quite anal about Slimming World (you may have noticed lol) so I am sure it is right. I was disgusted when I found out, and have switched to vodka and diet cokes since as it is friendlier on the syns front (25ml shot is 2.5 syns, 1 litre bottle is 100 syns, etc, and of course diet coke is syn free).

It is up to you, and others may have an opinion too or an experience they can share, but I wouldn't recommend a maximum of 5 syns per day. Just consider the lager day a flexi-syn day, and maybe aim for only 10 syns per day for a bit. Otherwise you risk not having enough and your weight loss stalling. If you don't lose, you can be reasonably certain it was the x amount of pints of lager you had, and be safe in the knowledge you will lose again the following week if you follow the plan.

All the best :)
Right it's been a while since I've logged in. STS agian last week, that's 3 weeks in a row and with so many social commitments in December I am finding it quite hard. Although I thought long and hard about it and if I can just STS throughout the December then I think that'll be an achievement in itself. Got work meal next Friday with Set Menu which to be honest doesn't really follow the sw plan but if I can be 100% on the plan Mon-Fri I'll be happy.

Food diary for today so far...GREEN

1 Alpen light bar (1/2 hexb)

Pasta n Sauce mild cheese and broccoli (1/2 syn)
Boiled egg
Ham (hexb)
Diet coke


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