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1 LB of Fat


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Ew... :eek:

You're right, that helps a lot, thank you! :)


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Is that a new mix-a mousse???? lol
Thanks for that reminder Lexie!! My CDC showed me the same thing last week at wi, he had a 1lb and a 5lb lump of pretend fat. I couldn't believe how much the 5lb one was! It looked huge! But like he said, when it's coming off from all around your body you don't notice it in a lump like that! xx


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I have a 1lb fat blob, all my friends thought I was mad when I bought it :eek:
You know those weeks where you "only" lose 1 lb?

Or "just" 1.5 lbs.

Heres a visual reminder of whats gone.

Can you tell I'm trying to cheer myself up?

Lol, the mood im in at the minute, putting it between two slices of bread and butter looks quite tempting! :D


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God, that looks gross .... and to think when I first lost my weight I lost 102 times that amount. Just brings it home what an achievement it is to truly lose a lot of weight.
Lol, the mood im in at the minute, putting it between two slices of bread and butter looks quite tempting! :D
Yuck take it your hungry.
Thank you for the pic my 2.4lbs loss looks pretty good now and made my day.
haha i love it!

im a medical photographer and i take pictures in surgical theatre and it hit me when i started that humans are stuffed with yellow mince - then i realised that it was the fat globules, and the more overweight the patient the more there is! kind of brought it home for me, just like those pictures.


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It is nice to have a reminder, as i think on this diet we can all get down when our weight loss isn't as good as some other weeks x


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I lost 2lbs this week and was quite upset and disappointed as Id done 100% SS, but seeing those pictures made me feel a whole lot better. Thank you Lexie_dog!:D


Skinny girl in a fat body
Years ago I used to carry 1/2lb of lard around with me in my bag. Everyone in work used to call it my "pet lard", but hey it did the trick lol. Everytime I wanted to eat I look at my lard and it stopped me. Crazy I know but if it works !!!

Also, everytime I lost something I bought that weight in lard too and put it on the shelf in the fridge. If I put on, I moved that weight of lard to the other shelf (I think I will stop now, I am sounding like some kind of psycopathic maniac lmao). Soon I had a shelf full of lard and that was the fat I had lost. Amazing how some people's minds work isn't it :) :)
LOL at Mia... Doesn't sound nuts at all hun! I seriously contemplated, and i still am, buying some bags of potatoes and putting the weight lost equivalent of them into a carrier bag. Then if i felt down i could carry the bag of potatoes around for a while!! xx
Just been reading through older threads.... thought i would bump this one as i think its fantastic!! Very motivational..

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