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1 or 2 A choice on green and original


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I have 2 if i want them - so if i was having cheese and then fancied a milky choc drink i would use my other A then.

You can just have the one though....! x
I nearly always use them on cheese, in fact as I always do green days I often have 2 HEA & 1 HEB of cheese!


Is a crunchy mama!
Oh okay, I had no idea I could have two if I wanted, I never really understood why one or two, why not just two As and two Bs? Maybe I'll email SW and ask!
I've got to be fair if you say to me you can have one or two healthy A choices, I'm always going to take the two (thank you very much :D) !
Possibly they say 1 OR 2 because years ago it used to be 1A +2B as a standard and no option of having 1 or 2 A's. I guess they introduced the fact that you could have 2 A's, but also wanted to say that it wouldnt affect your losses if you stuck with having just the one..... leaving it entirely up to you if you wanted to have 1 or 2 :)

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