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1 week into re-start!


Well I tried to start many a time in Nov and Dec but just didn't have it in me. My heart and mind were not in the right place.

Any way I wanted to come back to the forum when I new I was getting somewhere and it was my first week weigh in today and I have lost 9.4lbs!:D And 4 1/2 inches!

Really happy that I have manage to stay on track,and I feel far more positive then I have done before about a VLCD. In fact a week in and I have no interest in food so all good!

I wrote down for my own motivation at the end of december where I'll be in a yr's time if I do lose weight and if I don't. I would recommend everybody do this because it's really helped me and I have gone back to read it this week at one dark moment. It wasn't the positive bit that inspired me it was the part of how I will feel in a year if I don't do it that made me carry on.:)

Don't think I will carry on with a diary as I have never been any good with writing in diary's! :rolleyes:

I must say you have all been doing very well, been great losses on here!:)
I really feel like 2011 in mine to grab with both hands! :)
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Hello, and well done on your losses in lb's & inches. So glad you have your head into the diet now make sit sooo much easier. Looking forward to seeing your losses each week x
Hey hey, well done mummytummy, yeah the head has to be in the right place for this diet, if not you will fail without question. I will never forget when I 1st did it 8 months, mind was in the right place but man what a shocker after the 1st week, the honeymoon period wore off and the cravings set in and I wanted to eat but the mindset was right so no problem and I realised that if you are not 100% into doing it correctly there is no point.
You idea of writing it down with regards to achieving and not achieving is a very good one.
Thanks mark:) Wow 8 months....now that is dedication and determination for you! Can you just send me half of that my way please :D

For me the first week is awful! I crave anything and everything, even things I wouldn't eat usually! Strange lol:rolleyes:

The last 2 days has been better because ketosis has kicked in and given me some relief!

Had a snecky peak at the scales this morning and I have just (and only just lol) dropped back down below the 200lb mark, which has given me a little boost......but I will be telling the dh to hide the scales again, as that is another addiction I have to snap out of!:eek:
Hi Mummy, apologies for getting my last post wrong, it is 8 months since I 1st started, it lasted for 2 months, had a problem and failed miserably but in those 2 months I lost 68lbs. I lasted a full 2 months without cheating.
I weigh myself everyday and will not change it. I feel better doing like that, my scales show lbs and ounces so even when losing ounces it motivates me. Hopefully nothing gets in my way this time round.
Still two full months and 68lbs down is one hell of an achievement! Not to be sniffed at :)

I like to weigh myself every few days or so, and I've changed from stones to lbs because I became obsessed with stones and I oddly feel like weight is going quicker...jumping more brackets by going down from 209.4 to 199.8 rather than a full 14lbs in a stone, if that makes sense?
Welcome here and well done with the losses, I like your idea of writing down what will happen if you achieve or not achieve your goal.
I was also addictive to the scales but not anymore, women have so much things going in our bodies the scales can fluctuate and disappoint us sometimes, so I will try to stick to once a week.
I know about fluctuations hur! I can have a different weight every hr of the day! lol
Not on this diet but I use to be ruled by the scale, I wake up every morning, if the scale is up then I am down and vice versa I want big loss so if I can hold for two weeks then great but weekly I hope!
Wow amazing :) It's my first week and I'm only on day 3. I've been doing the working solution (I think) but I have had a few hiccups... such as beans on toast and a kit kat! Hoping this hasn't effected my loss too much, not expecting to be in Ketosis but still eating much less than usual!! Well done and carry on being amazing!! xx
Thanks Queen! That post made me giggle with the beans on toast and kit kat! lol

Honestly just keep trying! ;)And trying and trying lol (that's me!) I'm nothing if not persistent! haha

Once your in ketosis it does become better, never easy I wouldn't say, just better:)
Welcome to all of you and all the very best of luck with Exante. It sounds like you all have the right attitude so you will all do really well. xx

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