1 year count down


I will do this!!!
My consultant always says it helps to have something to work towards so on 18th dec 2010 by brother is getting married. He lives in australia and i haven't seen him in over 5 years and the wedding is going to be on the beach. Basically how much do you think someone can lose in a year? Id really love to lose between 4-5 stone by the end of my sw journey.
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Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
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A pound a week would total 3 1/2 stone loss in a year so I would say with determination you could do 5 but don't put too much pressure on yourself x


I will do this!!!
3 1/2 stone sounds good to me :) where abouts in devon are you from devon dumpling? im origonally from newton abbot/torquay


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So long as you manage to stick to plan I don't see why you shouldn't be able to lose at least what you want to lose.

I recommend splitting your goal into smaller mini-goals as I find it easier to aim toward them when they are reachable and not too far away.

Best of luck :)


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Good luck, you can do it, but don't push yourself. The average of a pound a week is not difficult, so go for it!
Just remember any loss is good, and just have the image of a slim you at your brother's wedding and you'll do it!
Best of luck xxx

maxine uk

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i think its really doable, ive lost my weigh since june 09 and have about 3 stones 13 lb dont know why i said about as thats what i want to lose for 2010.
maybe you can do a wedding countdown thread and post your story
and small targets is also a great idea, i set them for myself and even have charts with wi dates and loses, i find thay help me as im a visual person oh and i love awards on my book too :)


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Good luck with your plan, it is great to have a goal to work towards and I think it is definitely achievable to lose between 3 & 5 stone if you put your mind to it.


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Good luck you can do it - what a lovely treat to look forward too, seeing your brother and going to OZ


I will do this!!!
Thanks guys :)


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It certainly makes you more determined when you have a lovely event to aim for!! I'm sure you can do 4-5 stone by next December!! I'm aiming for 4 myself, although I will have to make up an event!! Perhaps I'll go to my works Christmas Do next year rather than avoiding it like I usually do, PURELY because I hate searching for dresses because of my size, and I have such a low opinion of myself physically that I feel inferior to all my slim colleagues!! How sad is that?! This is one of the reasons I want to lose weight, life's too short for such hang-ups and being unhappy in your skin!! Anyway, back to the topic! I'm sure if you're motivated enough you'll do it! There's no shortage of support, that's for sure, between Minimins and ?your SW class and I'm sure your family and friends!! I'm from Exeter by the way! Living in Swansea now though! A fellow Devonshire Dumpling!!X


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I think you can do as much as you set your mind to!! 3 stone is definitely achievable in a year, i lost 2.5 stone in 4 months!!
I'm aiming for another loss like this as I'm going to California at the end of June!
And I'm from Plymouth you Devon guys... nice to see some more from down here!! xxx