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..10 days down.. feeling down myself :(


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Well now been on Atkins officially 10 days and in that time I have lost 6lbs (1lb so far this week) Finding it hard this week - not that I am craving carbs necessarily, just feel frustrated that the pounds are not dropping off like last week. Suppose I feel demotivated - but I know this feeling will pass. Doesn't help that my partner has a massive sweet tooth and chomps on all sorts infront of me, but I am passed that now. I also feel like I have such a HUGE amount of weight to lose. I know it is achievable and I have seen some great success stories, but I just think about the length of time it is going to take me and it makes me feel dejected. I suppose everyone is in the same boat, and believe me you have all been so wonderfully supportive, just feeling on a bit of a downer really - tomorrow is another day.. Promise to be in a better mood. :sad0071:
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Bless chin up hun, everyone has days like that now and again but it'll pass trust me. Try to avoid the scales everyday and you might feel a bit better when you officially weigh yourself for the week. I'm sure you'll do great :) x
We all get down at times. Losing weight is tough! And when you have a lot to lose it can be very daunting.

I was nearly 290lb at my heaviest. I've lost ten stones and kept them off a long time now. It isn't always easy - far from it - but on Atkins it is much easier than it might be.

Good luck hun! Whatever happens, don't give up. Don't expect perfection of yourself, either. Just keep at it x


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Sorry you are feeling down today hun, I have about the same amount to lose as you, and I am on day 10 today as well, and I have lost 5.5lbs, so if it makes you feel any better, you are 0.5lbs ahead of me!!
Seriously tho, I know what you mean, but like you say, down days pass and every 1lb down is a little bit further down the road to skinnyville!
How are you feeling now love? Better I hope.

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