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10 days in and no weight loss!!

Hi folks

I've been on Induction for 10 days now and I'm exactly the same weight as when I started!!

I've been going to the gym most days, doing weights and cardio and sticking rigidly to the plan, only eating foods from the lists in the book. I have been eating a salad every day for lunch with tuna mayo and more full fat mayo as a dressing.

My ketostix are the darkest colour of purple on the chart, and have been for about 5 days.

Anyone have any ideas?:confused:
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Call me Linzi...
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The fact that your on the darkest colour of the ketosis chart I would say is a sure indication that your dehydrated... how much water are you drinking??

Especially with the amount of gym work your doing.. your muscles will need water too to help repair themselves after workouts.
Thanks for the reply.

I don't think I am dehydrated tbh. I'm drinking a good few litres of water every day and my urine is very light in colour.

Could smoking be affecting my weight loss as I'm a smoker?
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I was a smoker when I was on induction, it made no difference to my weight loss. I'm stunned that you haven't lost anything, how much do you have to lose?
That is certainly unusual.

One small point - have you checked to make sure there is no sugar in the mayo? Sugar lurks in surprising places!

Is it possible that you are eating too much, ie too many calories? This can make a big difference. If you have been on a weight loss plan other than Atkins prior to starting Induction you may have already lost the 'water weight' which people lose fast at the outset. Your body may already be used to a low carb or even a lower calorie plan. If so your metabolism will need time to adjust. You may be eating more now than you did before! But the food you eat on Atkins will probably be healthier.

Try not to get too discouraged. Atkins does not work like other diets and you may find that you suddenly register a loss when you least expect it. Make sure you are eating enough good fats, and getting your 15g vegetable carbs daily, not just from salad.

Good luck!
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I'm stunned myself that you havent seen a loss. I agree with Laura take your measurements.. Also how much weight do you have to lose. Also is TOTM close by, that affects my weight sometimes up tp 3 days before my cycle begins..

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