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  1. TTey68

    TTey68 Full Member

    Have so far managed 5st in 10 weeks.

    Another 5 stone at least to go.

    Going to be brave and post the pre- CD pics and ones taken at the weekend. Am not really sullen looking (just trying to keep facial expressions teh same and guess at 21st 7lbs that was reflected in the expression! lol)


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  3. Karen

    Karen Serial Foodie!

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    ruddy nora! u were lovely b4 but wow!! u look great. and all in under 3 months...how fab r u??? VERY! well done and good luck for the next 5 stone. xxxxxxxxxx
  4. peachy1982

    peachy1982 Silver Member

    common sense, everything in moderation
    That is absolutely fantastic. ANd look at the difference.
    How have you found it? Easy, hard?
    Bet you are so glad that u made the decision to do cambridge!
    well done!
  5. Nathalie20

    Nathalie20 Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    At the mo it's Cd - then the healthy eating one i hope!
    5 stone in 10 weeks that's brilliant! Keep up the good work you are looking Fab :)
  6. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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    measure up
    [​IMG] What an amazing achievement keep up the fabulous work.
  7. wigglychick

    wigglychick Silver Member

    That's wonderful, well done - you're looking great :D
  8. munchkin

    munchkin Full Member

    OMG .... you look like a completely different person! What a massive difference 5 stone has made. Can't wait to see another 5 stone off you!!! You go girl!! xx
  9. spooky

    spooky Banned

    You look utterly amazing! Congratulations!!!!:D:D
  10. bobby69

    bobby69 Member

    Well done, fantastic achievement wishing you the best on the rest of your journey.
  11. poppygreendog

    poppygreendog Silver Member

    You look fantastic and wow 5 stone in 10 weeks, I can dream!!!:)
  12. Wanttobeslim

    Wanttobeslim I will do it!!

    Well done - you look fabulous and 5 stone so quickly :eek:, I'm jealous!!
  13. arcticmonkeys

    arcticmonkeys Silver Member

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    Omg, WOW! You must be so proud of yourself, I'm speechless, you look great! Well done!!!!!!!!
  14. Bagpuss

    Bagpuss Full Member

    You look absoloutely flippin' AMAZING! You must be so proud of yourself!

    I'm of to NY now to wear my strappy dress but why the heck you aren't in shorter sleeves too I do not know - flaunt it, you look fabulous already. Well done you! :)
  15. Bluepaws

    Bluepaws Full Member

    Cambridge diet
    WOW!!!!!!!!!! Hats off to you! You're doing soooooo well! You look so much younger...and slimmer of course! Keep up the good work ;)
  16. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    You,look so much darn younger!!!!!!!!!!!!! Masses of well dones your way!
  17. Ruthlet

    Ruthlet Wants to be a loser!

    You have done amazingly well and look fabulous!!!!

    I can only dream of losing 5 stones in just 10 weeks - any hints for the rest of us??
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  19. TTey68

    TTey68 Full Member

    Thanks to everyone for their kind comments.

    Bagpuss when we finally get any sun (non here on East Coast as yet grrrrrr!) have no bother wearing a strappy top. My arms dont bother me. To be fair my arms not too bad as I had been at the gym 4 months before starting CD and have continued on a less strenuous workout since. The part which does bother me is the tops of my legs very baggy but figure hey! Small price to pay.

    Ruth dont really have any hints. Just been doing what it tells you to. I have 3 CD's a day, be it bars, shakes or a tetra, I take on the absolute minimum amount of recommended water and thats it really.

    Having read on here about how hard it is to start after a fall, I have just plodded on. Hate weekends, but think most people do.

    Stick with it and be a regular on these boards - they have been an absolute GODSEND to me! xx
  20. Ceri

    Ceri Full Member

    cambridge diet
    That's amazing! Well done you.
    Looking FAB!
  21. Frumpster

    Frumpster Becoming Un-Frumpy!

    Cambridge 790
    OMG :eek:

    I've not been on the cd board for ages (been on cal counting board) and have just seen your amazing success TT. Well done. You must feel so proud of yourself, and I agree with everyone else you look stunning!

    Hope you don't mind me saying this, but you have aged really well, I found my old Fat Club book a few weeks ago and looked for you, you look younger now!

    Keep going, you will do this and you'll be at goal easily for your holiday next year. In fact at this rate you'll be at goal before xmas :) I've only got 14 weeks til my hols...ooops! Hence i'm back on cd again!!!

    Well done again :D
  22. TTey68

    TTey68 Full Member

    Awww god bless your Frumpster. Have to say had to have some pics done at the weekend for my passport (a) cos I am now married and (b) it expires next month. OMG, now see I know passport pics are an external source for pisstaking - but even I had to comment on teh fact I look younger now at 39 than I did at 29!

    Must be like a fine wine and a good cheese (age wise - not smell wise lololol!) and get better with age.

    Just hoping I dont start seeing the wrinkles now i'm on CD, one of THE advantage of being fat (one of the few admittedly!) is the fact the fat plumps out any wrinkles!

    Maybe 5 stones further down the line i'll look mega hagged (can see a positive career change into Panto....)

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