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100% And thats the way uh, uh, uh, I like it!

10/02/10 Green!

Total 0% Greek yogurt(f)
Options (2.5)
Honeydew Melon 1/4(sf)
Apple (sf)

Butternut Squash 1/4 (sf)
Carrot 1 large(sf)
Swede 1/4 (sf)
Butter beans 1/2 tin (f)
Honey 1 tbsp (2.5)
Pagen Krisprolls x 3 (hexb)
Options (2.5)

Natural fat free fromage frais(f)
Options (2.5)

4 Light Choices cumberland sausages (2)
3 eggs (f)
baked beans (f)
bread x2 (hexb)
flora (2.5)

Supper: SS soup (f) Milk ss 250ml on drinks (hexa)

Before bed: milk s 350ml (hexa)
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Go girl!! That's the right attitude!! Why not give it 100%, you've got nothing to lose....oh yeh, actually you have, which is why you're here! LOL! Your food today is looking good girl!! As you're telling us your food today, I'll share mine with you too! My food so far has been (EE):-

Brek-2 Joe's sausages (f)- did I tell you I'm a fan?!?!
Slice of SW quiche (made yest using eggs, cottage cheese and veg)(f)
6 cherry tomatoes on the vine, grilled (sf)

Lunch- 2 corn thins (2) with 2 Laughing Cow deli-light blue cheese squares (HEXa)
1 orange (sf)
1 banana (sf)
a few fresh pineapple chunks (sf)

Dinner will be stirfried veg(sf) and king prawns

I'm eating light today because I'm working a night shift tonight and like to have a bigger meal at around midnight to see me through the pain of 12.5hours- it'll be homemade beef stew(f) (XLean beef) with an Activia fat free(f) and some more pineapple chunks (sf). I will also have a lemon HIFI bar in work as my HEXb when everyone else is tucking into the boxes of chocolates and tins of biscuits at the desk! Not sure how I can fit the rest of my syns in though!!X
Brek-2 Joe's sausages (f)- did I tell you I'm a fan?!?!
grrr I'm not talking to you!! I want mine and I want them now lol!!!

Well as you know I'm a nanny and i got the kids tonight and I haven't put my tea as my mate is making me a 12 superfree soup... or was it superspeed but she is also gonna give me the recipie! soup twice in one day! I'll turn in to soup if i carry on!!


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I struggle to stick to it to hun but determned this is the start of my new approach, I know we can do t good luck xx


Fighting the bulge
S: 13st13.5lb C: 13st2.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.7 Loss: 0st11lb(5.63%)
I was 100% all last week :) i weighed in and lost 1.5lbs. After the other forum of all the naughty cheats i deacided to try and cut mine out! :) I'm trying to be 100% all this week to.

Good luck kissme!! :)


Fighting the bulge
S: 13st13.5lb C: 13st2.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.7 Loss: 0st11lb(5.63%)
I never have a treat weigh in night!!!:angeldevil:

I did however have my entire 15 syns and all HEXs at lunch time by way of a work meeting and brown sandwiches with feta and veggies!! lol


Wishing and hoping!
well done you for motivation and attempting to reach a goal, I too have had a slip up once a week where I completely pince on something - which is generally when I am busy and my blood sugar drops. But I will the art of organisation. Heres to a 100% day :)

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